Meet Emeli Sande – The Scottish Aretha Franklin

On stage: Emeli Sande's Live At The Albert HallOne year ago this week, Emeli Sandé’s first album entered the charts at number one.  Twelve months on, Our Version Of Events is enjoying its 53rd consecutive week in the Top Ten – a record for a debut bettered only by The Beatles’ Please Please Me in 1963 – and the woman behind it is a household name.

The Scottish singer-songwriter crowned an exceptional year on Wednesday night by winning two Brits – best female and best album – while her debut was the only album to sell a million copies in Britain last year. She performed at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, while next month’s UK tour is a complete sell-out. Strangest of all, the 25-year-old managed to achieve all this without exploiting her sexuality or getting embroiled in a celebrity scandal.

An old-fashioned pop star, she has kept her private life to herself.

With Sandé, it is all about the songs, a virtue emphasized by this week’s release of her first live album. Recorded last November, Live At The Royal Albert Hall is a CD and DVD double-pack that reiterates the qualities that have made the singer pop royalty. It features hits such as Heaven and Next To Me, and wraps her soulful, heart-stopping voice in atmospheric strings and seductive rhythms.Monochrome: Sande arriving at the ceremony on the red carpetWith intimate, piano-led songs her forte, the centerpieces are the ballads Clown and River, back-to-back tracks that are simultaneously sad and uplifting. On Clown, she admits to being a novice pianist, but her performance is still mesmerizing.

Other highlights include a haunting take on the Cup Final hymn Abide With Me (as sung at the Olympics opening ceremony) and a note-faithful cover of Nina Simone’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free.

‘From the age of eight, she’s been my inspiration,’ says Emeli.

As live albums go, it isn’t perfect. Emeli has the soulful voice and songwriting abilities of Simone, but she has yet to acquire the stagecraft that is a hallmark of her other great influence, Alicia Keys. While the New Yorker will fall back on her inner showgirl when she plays a big venue, the naturally reserved Sandé can seem overwhelmed by the occasion.

‘Wow, I’m playing the Royal Albert Hall,’ she says. ‘This is my wildest dream come true — and it’s all happened so quickly.’

Her fans, however, react warmly to her girl-next-door charm, especially when she touchingly dedicates songs to her watching mum, dad and sister Lucy. Trim figure: Emeli debuts her slimmer figure after slimming down before trying to crack the USIf the tender, reflective nature of Sandé’s material threatens to make this album slightly one-paced, the singer is inspired in her choices of collaborators, and guest appearances by rapper Professor Green (on Read All About It) and singer Labrinth (on Beneath Your Beautiful) ensure that the energy levels soar at the end of the evening.

Beyond her undoubted artistry, though, what has made Sandé such a star?

The thing that sticks out the most about the singer is how down to earth she still is. In an era of TV-created idols, she offers something different:

The daughter of a Zambian father, Joel, who moved to Britain on a scholarship and now teaches engineering, and an English mother, Diane, from Cumbria, she was raised in a small, conservative village in the Aberdeenshire countryside.

Dramatic weight loss: Singer Emeli Sandé cuts a slimmer figure on the red carpet at the pre-Grammy party on Saturday night, and seen right at the MOBO Awards last NovemberFrom there, she went not to stage school but the University of Glasgow, where she completed a medical degree, specialising in Clinical Neuroscience.
In the final year of her studies, she spent time in hospital wards meeting patients with spinal injuries and schizophrenia. Had she not taken up music, she would now be a qualified junior doctor.

‘My intention was always to become a doctor,’ she said ‘I specialized in neurology, and I found medicine a real challenge. ‘It was something that was going to stretch me, because I wasn’t just stuck in a research laboratory.’

‘I was in a hospital, and I got to see people at their most vulnerable. Ultimately, though, I wanted to try music.’

There is a touch of steel to Sandé, too, along with the strong work ethic that is a prerequisite for any modern pop star.  The singer concedes she was ‘headstrong’ as a child, and, in her teens, she declined a record deal after winning a Radio 1 talent contest, preferring to cut her musical teeth by writing hits for Cheryl Cole and Susan Boyle.

Her approach has won her the admiration of her peers. Jay-Z praised her ‘unique sound’, Rihanna asked her to write a song for her, and Dido, when I interviewed her recently, was quick to acknowledge a singer she sees as a kindred spirit, not least for the fact that Sandé, like Dido.

Even amidst the prying eyes of the paparazzi, she managed to get married to marine biologist Adam Gouraguine in a very private ceremony.

‘I think she’s brilliant,’ Dido told me. ‘It’s voices that resonate with me, and I love hers. She’s the most exciting female artist of the moment. She never gets boring, either, because I don’t know anything about her private life, which is great.’

Slim and healthy: A radiant looking Aretha Franklin attended the New York Knicks game last night at Madison Square GardensSandé herself is already looking ahead, with this live set previewing two songs from her forthcoming second album. The first, Enough, is a big, flowing piano ballad. The second, Pluto, looks more to the Massive Attack-style strings of her debut single Heaven. On the evidence of these, the stunning success of Our Version Of Events is no fluke.

‘You have a duty to be a positive role model, especially when some of your fans are young girls,’ she says. ‘You get 13- and 14-year-olds thinking they have to dress a certain way to get on.

But my inspirations were Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone. With them, the music always came first.’


2012 in Review: Interracial/Interethnic Weddings

At KolorBlind Magazine, we love celebrities, especially those in interracial/interethnic relationships. This year has been a year of love and more love and the following celebrities solidified their love for their significant other by taking the bold step of marriage.

Till Death Do They Part is the motto for 2012.

Let’s take a look at 2012’s KolorBlind Celebrity Marriages:

Chris Noth & Tara Lynn Wilson

Actor Chris Noth married his long-time girlfriend Tara Lynn Wilson and mother of his son Orion on April 6, 2012. The wedding, a private ceremony, was attended by family and close friends. chris noth and tara

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg wed his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, a physician, on May 19, 2012 in a quiet ceremony attended by family and close friends. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan wedding day

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

Actor Matthew McConaughey married his long-time Brazilian model girlfriend and mother of his two children in a private ceremony on June 9, 2012 attended by family and close friends. matthew mcconaughey wedding

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Ashley Madekwe & Iddo Goldberg

Biracial actress/socialite Ashley Madekwe married her long-time boyfriend Iddo Goldberg on June 17, 2012ashley maduekwe and iddo

Tiki Barber & Traci Lynn Johnson

Former Football player Tiki Barber married his girlfriend of two years on July 19, 2012. The NFL player was previously married to an Asian woman and they have three children together. Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson

Jesse Williams & Aryn Drake-Lee

Biracial actor Jesse Williams married his long-time girlfriend Aryn Drake-Lee on September 1, 2012. They met while Jesse worked as a teacher before his Hollywood days. The wedding, attended by friends and family, was said to be beautiful. 

Emelie Sandé & Adam Gouraguine

Biracial Scottish Singer/Songwriter Emeli Sandé, who is of Scottish and Zambian descent, married her long-time boyfriend in a very private ceremony on September 15, 2012. In love: Emeli Sandé is to marry her long-term partner Adam Gouraguine this weekend - the pair have been dating for seven years

Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes

Biracial NBA player Matt Barnes married his long-time biracial girlfriend and mother of his two sons in Las Vegas on September 23, 2012. The wedding, an impromptu decision, was attended by only a handful of friends. matt barnes and gloria govan

Patrick Stump & Eliza Yao

Singer Patrick Stump married his long-time girlfriend Eliza Yao on September 29, 2012. Eliza is of Asian/Caucasian descent. patrick slump and elisa yao

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Michael Ealy & Khatira Rafiqzada

Actor Michael Ealy married his girlfriend of four years on October 6, 2012. Ealy, who is extremely private about his personal life shared the news of his marriage two months after the event to celebrate the news with his fans.Michael Ealy and Khatira Rafiqzada

Alfonso Ribeiro & Angela Unkrich

Actor/comedian Alfonso Ribeiro married his girlfriend of two years on October 13, 2012. The couple were engaged in July of this year and moved their wedding along rather quickly. This is the second marriage for Ribeiro who was previously married to the Caucasian mother of his daughter. Alfonso Ribeiro wedding 9

James Blake & Emily Snider

Biracial Tennis player James Blake married his long-time girlfriend/publicist on November 9, 2012. The couple have a daughter together. James Blake and Emily Snider

Hope Solo & Jerramy Stevens

Olympic athlete Hope Solo married Jerramy Stevens, her boyfriend of two months, on November 13, 2012 amidst allegations and arrest on domestic violence. Hope Solo and Jeremy Stevens 1

Ryan Howard & Krystal Campbell

Baseball first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball First Baseman Ryan Howard married his long-time cheerleader/teacher girlfriend Krystal Campbell on December 1, 2012 in a lavish Hawaii wedding.Ryan Howard and Krystal Campbell

Donald Faison & Cacee Cobb

Film and TV actor Donald Faison, known for his roles in ‘Clueless’, ‘Remember the Titans’, ‘Waiting to Exhale’, ‘Felicity’, ‘Scrubs’ and married his fiance CaCee Cobb, known for appearing on MTV’s Newlyweds, on December 15, 2012 in a Los Angeles.  Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb wedding picture

We wish all of our KolorBlind celebrities an eternity of happiness and joy together. 

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Alicia Keys

alicia keys interview 1Alicia Keys is jet lagged, picking at some mango, pineapple and cucumber, and drinking almond tea sweetened with agave. She has never drunk coffee. She doesn’t need the stimulation; Alicia is always switched on.

Her face is fresh but for Cleopatra eyeliner that makes her look like a silver-screen movie star. Her hair, recently shorn, is slicked back close to her head. Her nails are blood red ovals with the half moons painted creamy, very 1940s.

A string of mega-selling albums – Songs In A Minor (her debut, released when she was only 20, sold more than 12 million copies), The Diary of Alicia Keys, As I Am and The Element of Freedom – made her a worldwide superstar, yet she remained strangely ambiguous, never releasing any personal details about herself.

Alicia grew up an only child with her hard-working Italian, Scottish, and Irish mother, and her father is African American  Teresa Augello, who was an actress and legal secretary. Her African-American father Craig Cook, a former flight attendant turned masseur, left her mother when Alicia was two, and she spent many years having no relationship with him at all.

But upon the death in 2006 of her paternal grandmother, with whom she was very close, she gradually came to reconsider their relationship and recently decided to give it a fresh start.

When we meet, Alicia is listening to one of her new tracks, ‘Brand New Me’ from her album Girl on Fire. The track best sums up how her life has changed since finding love with Swizz Beatz (rapper and producer Kasseem Dean) and becoming a mother to son Egypt (named after the country, which she visited a few years ago).

It’s been a slow revolution that has seen Alicia transform from a feisty street kid from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen with her hair in braids, a girl who expressed everything through music yet was wary and uncomfortable in her own skin, to a new Alicia, not only more confident but more warm, open and trusting. With each album there has been an emotional shift, with Alicia becoming less afraid to express who she is.

14 things you didn’t know about Alicia Keys:

  1. alicia keys interview 2Alicia Keys is biracial of European Caucasian and African-American descent.
  2. Alicia Keys has sold over 12 million copies worldwide to date.
  3. She became the best-selling new artist and best-selling R&B artist of 2001.
  4. She has won five Grammy Awards in 2002, including Best New Artist and Song of the Year for “Fallin’“.  Her second studio album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, was released in 2003 and was also another success worldwide, selling eight million copies.  The album garnered her an additional four Grammy Awards in 2005. Later that year, she released her first live album, Unplugged, which debuted at number one in the United States.
  5. Alicia Keys is the the first female artist to have an MTV Unplugged album to debut at number one and the highest since Nirvana in 1994.
  6. She also produced 3 Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles top 3 hits,Fallin’“, “If I Ain’t Got You” and “No One“. Also, those singles were charted on 10 or more countries.
  7. Her favorite book is Isabel Allende’s book about Haiti.
  8. Her favorite musicians are Afro-Cuban music, Fela Kuti, Frank Ocean, Emeli Sandé and Alabama Shakes.
  9. Her favorite things to wear is Givenchy. She also loves wearing sweat pants and low-hanging tanks with heels.
  10. Her favorite makeup is eyeliner. She prefers the make-up line called Tarte.
  11. Her most recent purchase was a morgan car her husband bought. “It’s handmade and incredible. I’ll gladly drive that bad boy.”
  12. Her favorite cities are New York and Barcelona.
  13. Her unfulfilled ambition is to try new passions, do things she doesn’t even know yet and to learn new things.
  14. Her favorite style icon is Bianca Jagger.

Hear Alicia Keys like you’ve never heard before:

alicia keys interview 3The album Girl on Fire is fierce. ‘Brand New Me’ didn’t happen straight away, it was an evolution. It was a whole journey to get there. Some of the songs on Girl on Fire are very vulnerable. Some are me talking to myself in a subconscious way. Some have a sense of abandonment, of letting go.

Egypt is awesome, he’s two and just so silly. We feel so right together, we definitely fit.

A lot of people, when they have babies, take them home and think, who are you? What are you doing here? Then eventually they fall for them. Not me. It was love at first sight and it got progressively obsessional. I want to be there every second. I would like to have more. At least one. Every woman thinks she wants a girl and so did I, but I’m so glad he’s a boy. The mother-son bond is really powerful.

Women are more complex by nature. Daughters are often closer to their fathers. I grew up with only my mother. Recently I feel both me and my father have grown up. I think something happens when you become a grandparent. You have a different mind-set. There’s less pressure on the relationship, so maybe it’s closer. He was with Egypt last week and he loved it.

Since Egypt I’m more peaceful. I’m a more comfortable-in-my-own-skin person. But it happened before that too. I was becoming more open. I started to understand things better.

My father and I are fine now. I would say in the process of growing up you realise you’ve been holding on to anger. I was angry then and am sure I had the right to be angry, but if you hold on to all this anger the only person you’re hurting is you.

The process started when my [paternal] grandmother became ill. You realise what’s important when you see a person you love dearly and you’re not going to have them for long. It was important to her. And I saw [my father’s] love for her. I realised he wasn’t an evil person so I said, ‘Can we start from this point on? Can we be friends? I can start to understand you and you can start to understand me.’ 

I feel at peace when I cook, though these days I don’t cook a lot because there’s often the question of do I sleep or cook? Definitely sleep.

When I went to college I had no idea what I wanted to study. I went for the experience and to find out what pulled me. Now if I went back I would study business and marketing. I’d like to understand the fundamentals behind the things I put in action every day.

My husband and I knew each other for years. We were both in the same industry. We first met when we were something like 16 – a high-school friend of his ended up being managed by the same people as me. He and I used to hang out and say things like, ‘Maybe we’ll work together one day.’ It’s cute that we knew each other when we were 16 but it was not an instant connection. It was a very slow burn, but it does still burn and it’s beautiful.

I’ve always had to be part of myself with people, but with him I can be my whole self and he loves me when I am. And I love when he is his whole self.

Sometimes we walk into a room together and everyone gravitates towards him, and there are times when we walk into a room and everyone gravitates towards me. I love it when people love him. And he loves it when people love me. It’s a really balanced thing, and I’m glad I don’t have to pull back this part of myself.  It’s pretty special and now with our beautiful Egypt we just thank each other every day.

My collaboration with Emeli Sandé came about randomly and I love how things happen like that. I was celebrating the tenth anniversary of Songs In A Minor with four shows. One of them was at the Royal Albert Hall and I was looking for a support act. Emeli has a song called ‘Breaking The Law’ which I had played endlessly, so I said, ‘Let’s have her open the show’.

[Although] we didn’t meet each other that night, she was coming to New York and we ended up getting together and decided to do some writing. It was instant chemistry. Rarely does it happen like that. She is a unique and important artist who will be around for a long time. We worked on three songs on this album which are all awesome.

Source: DailyMail

The Q Awards 2012 London, UK

It may have been one of the most star-studded events in the music industry calendar, but the multiracial representation at the awards stole the spotlight at the Q Awards which took place on October 22, 2012 at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

The Q Awards were launched in 1990, and tend to focus on rewarding consistent or “lifetime” achievement with classic album, inspiration and icon awards, among others.

The full list of Q Awards 2012 winners is as follows:

Best New Act Django Django

Best Track  – Plan B – ‘ill Manors’

Best Album – Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the Universe

Best Live Act – Blur

Best Video – Keane – ‘Disconnected’

Best solo artist presented by citroën – Emeli Sandé

Best Act In The World Today – Muse

Q Classic Song – Dionne Warwick ‘Walk On By’

Q Spirit of Independence – The Cribs

Q Innovation In Sound – Underworld

Q Inspiration Award- Pulp

Q Icon Award – Dexys

Q Classic Album – Manic Street Preachers – ‘Generation Terrorists’

Q Hero – Johnny Marr

Q Idol – Brandon Flowers

Multiracial Artist at the 2012 Q Awards

Emeli Sandé who is of Scottish and Zambian ancestryEmeli Sande

The Q AwardsEmeli Sandé holding her awardEmeli Sande 3

Emeli Sande 4Lianne La Havas who is of Greek and Jamaican ancestryLianne la Havas 2

Lianne la Havas 3

Lianne la HavasGroup SugababesJade Ewen is of Jamaican and Scottish-Sicilian ancesty.  Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan 2

Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha BuchananGroup Stooshe = Alexander Buggs who is of British and Ghanian ancestry. Karis Anderson who is of Italian and Jamaican ancestry.Karis Anderson, Courtney Rumbold and Alexandra Buggs of Stooshe

Karis Anderson, Courtney Rumbold and Alexandra Buggs of Stooshe 2

Karis Anderson, Courtney Rumbold and Alexandra Buggs of Stooshe 3

Karis Anderson, Courtney Rumbold and Alexandra Buggs of Stooshe 4Group Rizzle KicksJordan “Rizzle” Stephens who is of black/white ancestry. Harley “Sylvester” Alexander-Sule who is of black/white. The exact country of their parents are not documented but they are biracial!Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule of Rizzle Kicks

Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule of Rizzle Kicks 2

Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule of Rizzle Kicks 3

Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule of Rizzle Kicks 4

Music Spotlight: Stacy Francis


Meet Stacy Francis known to many as the former X-Factor USA contestant with the powerhouse voice. Her vocals had America jumping up and down in their living rooms during the 1st season of the X-Factor, unfortunately, she didn’t win the competition. However, both Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger who served as judges at the competition were taken by her talent.

However, there’s a saying that ‘winners are loser and losers are winners’. That quote couldn’t be more applicable to this beautiful woman with an exceptional voice. She did not let the decision of voting Americans deter her from her course as she is currently working on her 1st solo album.

Stacy Francis is a 43 year old biracial American vocalist. She was born in New York to a Italian-American father and an African-American mother. Her vocal range is reminiscent of what we don’t hear too often in the music world. When you first listen to her sing, you are immediately reminded of Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and the likes. This talented vocalist became known to the public eye during the X-Factor audition, however, she was a star before then.

News Photo: Stacy Francis and Simon Cowell attend the Pepsi…She was a member of a band ‘Ex Girlfriends’ which consisted of Monica Boyd, Julia Roberson and Tisha Hunter. They were signed to Reprise Records and released two studio albums, however the band disbanded in 1994.

During the audition that held at Nicole Scherzinger’s home, she blew the America audience away when she sang her version of Prince’s Purple Rain. The audition was mind-blowing and had people in tears in their homes. Listen to a clip below:

‘Purple Rain’ will forever be remembered by Francis’ rendition although Prince didn’t do too bad a job. This beautiful and talented vocalist is currently in the process of recording her 1st solo studio album and has released ‘Purple Rain’ as a studio version.

Purple Rain – studio version 

Support Stacy Francis in her solo pursuit by purchasing her two singles on iTunes. You won’t regret it. Her voice is impeccable. Music Spotlight: Stacy Francis…

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Music Spotlight: Emelie Sandé

Meet Adele Emeli Sandé popularly known as Emeli Sandé. If you do not know who Emeli is, it’s understandable. She has not reached the level of mainstream stardom the music industry generally gravitates to, however, her talents surpasses those of a large majority of those considered ‘superstars’.

Sandé is of those artist’ I like to put in a category called Global Music or if you will KolorBlind music. This is a music genre that speaks and appeals to all races and ethnic groups and covers a wide range of age groups. Who is this beautiful and talented singer you ask?

Adele Emeli Sandé is a 25 year old biracial Scottish recording artist and songwriter. She was born to a Zambian father and English mother (Scottish).

Her musical talents are so vast that you can’t put a label of ‘r&b, ‘pop’ or the like on it. This multi-faceted became known to the public eye after she was featured on the song “Diamond Rings by rapper Chipmunk. The single soared to the first top 10 on the UK Singles chart and had talent scouts wondering who she was. In 2010, she featured again on a song with rapper Wiley on “Never Be Your Woman’ and it became another top ten hit. By this time she had caught the attention of Simon Cowell, talent producer and host of talent scouting shows such as X-Factor, UK/US, American Idol and the like. The infamous talent producer named her his ‘favorite songwriter of the minute’.

Not only are her vocal chords to be admired, this young woman has written songs for a number of well-known artist’ such as Cher Lloyd, Parade, Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, Tinie Tempah and more.

In an industry with so many competitors, to write songs for other artist’ and see those songs reach peak numbers on music charts is a talent worth commending. Her song-writing talents soon caught the attention of EMI Music Publishing who signed a publishing deal with her in 2010. She later announced she was signed to Virgin Records as a recording artist.

Sandé released her first solo single “Heaven” in August 2011 under Virgin Records and I can say that this single is on of my favorite songs. The young and multi-talented Sandé has had two number-one singles across the United Kingdom and Ireland with “Read All About It” with Professor Green and “Next to Me”.

Her albumOur Version of Events peaked at number one in the UK, soon after its release in February 2012 .  Sandé was one of the performing artist at the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing ceremony. Her performance was touching and perfect for such an event.

How did this young woman learn all she knows or where did her talents come from? How did she get a start in the music industry, you’re asking?

emeli sande 4 UK Charts: Emeli Sande Hits #1; Sells Over 100kThe beautiful Sandé was born in Scotland to a teacher who taught her the importance of education, perserverance, patient and determination. She attended the same secondary school (high school) her father taught in and says:

“Education was the most important thing to me and if my music career failed, I still have my education to fall back on. I wrote my first song at age 11 when I was still in primary school”.

“That was the first time I thought I might be a songwriter. I always knew I wanted to be a musician and I knew I wanted to write because the people I was listening to all wrote. I never thought it was an option to sing anyone else’s songs.  The first song I wrote was called “Tomorrow Starts Again”. It’s noted that the song has proper structure.

“I hated to be ill and to miss a day of school because I was so hungry to learn. I was very shy, nerdy and extremely well-behaved. Inevitably, throughout secondary school, it was part and parcel of my identity that I was Mr Sandé’s daughter. No way could I muck about or get into trouble, because it would’ve got back to him within minutes. And Dad was strict, let me tell you.”

At the age of 16, she had people fighting for her attention to come join the music business, but she recounts how she told her manager Adrian Sykes to wait until she finished school.

To show how dedicated she was to education, she studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow. She stopped in the fourth year to concentrate on music. She is not only beautiful, but smart, talented and multifaceted. The kind of woman every little girl ought to admire and look up to. It wasn’t until she was 15 when she started entering in talent shows that furthered propelled her entry into the music business.

How did she get her first real recognition in the music business?

Sandé’s sister made a video of her playing the piano and singing to one of her favourite songs, “Nasty Little Lady”. They sent the clip to Trevor Nelson’s BBC Urban music competition. Sandé won the show and was offered a record deal, but the management that she met via the competition decided against the deal.

Her parents later sent BBC Radio 1Xtra a CD of her songs and Ras Kwame played on his “Homegrown Sessions”, and four artists that year were asked to do a show in Soho. She met with Watford-born music producer/writer Shahid Khan aka Naughty Boy, who has previously worked with Ms Dynamite and Bashy, and they began writing tracks for artists such as Cheryl Cole, and Tinie Tempah.

It wasn’t until her record deal with Virgin Records however, that she became introduced officially to the world. In an interview, she said:

“I was doing a show in London for 1Xtra and I met this guy called Naughty Boy. We got in the studio and we clicked work-wise. We just started writing, not necessarily for me, we just thought ‘let’s write a pop tune’ and experiment. And we wrote the Chipmunk track and I thought nothing of it. Naughty Boy sent it off to Chipmunk who really liked it and wrote his stuff around it.”

On why she changed her name from Adele Sandé to her middle name Emeli Sandé:

She spoke; “I changed it as soon as Adele came out. I just thought, ‘You’ve kind of taken the [name] now’, so I went with my middle name. She was just getting bigger and bigger, so I thought I just really need it.”

What’s success without someone to share it with?

In January 2012, Sandé confirmed that she is engaged to her  long-term boyfriend Adam – a scientist. They both prefer to keep their relationship private.

To listen to more of Sandé’s music, go to iTunes and check her out. This is one purchase you won’t regret. She’s an imcredible artist and with so much talent. Every now and then, I’m reminded of Beyonce when I hear her voice.

Take a listen below to a few of her songs and don’t forget to support her current album ‘Our Version of Events’  in stores/online now. This has been music spotlight: Emeli Sandé.

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