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Welcome to KolorBlind Magazine!

KolorBlind Magazine is a new resource to the world of interracial /interethnicity dating, marriage, parenting and living life through KolorBlind eyes. We live in a world that’s highly critical, prejudice and judgmental. Children at a young age already exude prejudice and judgmental behavior which follows them into adulthood.

We are told, that other cultures, beliefs, cuisine and races are ‘different’. Different not necessarily being considered ‘good’. We raise our nose the minute we see people who think differently, look differently and speak differently. If you dare, and are bold enough to love a person who is tagged as ‘different’, then the world goes on a rampage to ensure you are aware you have crossed over to the forbidden side and are now an ‘outcast’.

What information is available to assist you in dealing with your decision to live outside the box or perhaps it’s better to say coloring outside the lines? Where can you go to see who is like you out there? Where can you go to get ideas on incorporating your cuisine with your partner’s culture? Where can you go to see what ways other parents are raising their multiracial children? Where can you go to see what products/services are available for your multiracial family? I am KolorBlind is here to fill the gap and provide as much resource as you need.

Being KolorBlind does not necessarily mean you in an interracial or interethnicity relationship; it simply means you have opened up your mind or should I say conditioned your mind to accept that which society has not yet fully accepted. It means you are not prejudice to different cultures, languages, cuisine and physical appearance.

For me being KolorBlind means that I have accepted the human race as one. I have conditioned my mind to accept different cultures, languages, cuisine, physical appearance and relationships. Being KolorBlind also means that I have an affectionate love for Caucasian men. Not that men of other races/ethnic groups are not welcomed, my preference is just towards Caucasian men.

What is KolorBlind® you ask?

KolorBlind = the acceptance of other races/nationality; the freedom to love without racial bounds; an awareness of KolorBlind love; a culture; it is fashion; a lifestyle; its the expression of one’s self regardless of race and ethnicity.

Multiracial = a person of mixed race/ethnicity.

Interracial = a relationship between two people of different races. This is the relationship most common in today’s society.

Interethnicity = a relationship between two people of different ethnicities. There are approximately 240 different ethnic groups in the world whose culture, language and physical appearance vary so vastly it almost mimics an interracial relationship.

Myth: an interracial relationship only exists when a Black (of African or non-African descent) man or woman is in a relationship with a Caucasian man or woman.

Truth: an interracial relationship exists when a man/woman is in a relationship with a man/woman of a different Race (i.e an Ethiopian man with an Asian woman, a Caucasian man with a Filipino woman,  a Mongolian woman, a man of African descent, etc.)

Race = There is a fine line between Race and Ethnicity depending on how you view the subject matter:

  • An ethnic group is a group that has a distinct culture of its own. This is a group that shares an mixed ancestral heritage such as the Brazilians or the Hispanics.
  • A race, is defined more by physical characteristics.  Thus, a black Dominican and an African American or African would be of the same race, but not of the same ethnicity.

There are however only three recognized human races:

  •  Mongolian (northern Mongolian, Chinese and Indo-Chinese,                       Japanese and Korean, Tibetan, Malayan, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, American Indian)
  • Negroid (African, Hottentots, Melanesians/Papua, “Negrito”, Australian Aborigine, Dravidians, Sinhalese)
  • Caucasian (Aryans, Hamites, Semites)

The goal of KolorBlind Magazine is to inspire, educate and provide a platform for resources and information relating to the interracial/interethnicity life you are looking to build. Stay with us as we continue to build KolorBlind Magazine to evolve into the interracial platform that has been missing for years.

Watch out for the upcoming online magazine ‘KolorBlind Magazine’. The magazine will take on the form of major mainstream magazines but tailored towards the interracial/interethnic community.

Follow us on Twitter to stay updated to major news for KolorBlind Magazine.

Also, feel free to comment on articles (you can view our most popular articles here) that are of interest to you. ‘Looking forward to hearing from you. To contact us at any time, use the Contact Us form. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy reading!


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