KolorBlind Couple of the Month (January ’13): Nicole and Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and wife NicoleThis month’s KolorBlind couple are Nicole and Andre Young aka Dr. Dre. Mr & Mrs Young have been married for 17 years (1996).

Dr. Dre, is known worldwide as a record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, and actor. He is also the mastermind behind super-rappers Snoop Dog , Eminem and 50 Cent. His wife Nicole Threatt, an attorney, maintains a very private life with their two children, Truth 16, and Truly, 12.

Dre began his career as a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru and later found fame with the influential gangsta rap group N.W.A with Eazy-EIce CubeMC Ren, and DJ Yella, which popularized the use of explicit lyrics in rap to detail the violence of street life.

Dr. Dre Eminem and 50 centHis 1992 solo debut The Chronic, released under Death Row Records, led him to become one of the best-selling American performing artists of 1993 and to win a Grammy Award for the single “Let Me Ride“. That same year he produced Death Row labelmate Snoop Dogg‘s quadruple platinum debut Doggystyle.

In 1996, he left Death Row to establish his own label, Aftermath Entertainment. He produced a compilation album titled Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath in 1996, and released a solo album titled 2001 in 1999, for which he won the Grammy producer’s award.

During the 2000s, he focused on production for other artists, while occasionally contributing vocals to songs. Dr. Dre signed Eminem and 50 Cent to his record label in 1998 and 2003 respectively, while contributing production on their albums. Dr. Dre has also had acting roles in movies such as Set It OffThe Wash and Training Day.

But what is success if you don’t have someone special to share it with? Captivated by Nicole, Dr. Dre was on full pursuit to make her his wife, who at the time was married to LA Laker’s starting point guard, he wrote a letter letting her know how much he wanted her. This, before the time of Facebook, Twitter, text message, popularity of cellphones and email.

dr dre and nicoleThe letter dated February 26, 1995 was handwritten by the rapper who stated:


Hopefully you doing well and you realized you need to quit fucking with Sedale and come home to your doctor. I will take care of you baby girl (click here to read the full letter).

While some reading this might be thinking Dr. Dre was the cause of the Threatts’ divorce in their 3-year marriage, Nicole was in the middle of a divorce at the time the letter was written.

Not only can we wish for longevity like the Youngs’ but we can learn a few relationship’ advice from the rap doctor.

Relationship advice from Dr. Dre:

  1. To all the gentlemen reading this, if you are in love with a woman, make sure you do all you can to win her over.
  2. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitive side. A Handwritten note, with flowers, boxes of chocolate, etc. will show her you care.
  3. If you plan on marrying the woman you are wooing, let her know you can take care of her!

Nicole and kids Truth and TrulyDr. Dre is known today as ‘Mr. Beats’ since releasing his brand of headphones in July 2008.  The line (Beats by Dre) consists of Beats Studio, a circumaural headphone, Beats Tour, an in-ear headphone, Beats Solo & Solo HD, a supra-aural headphone, Beats Spin, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, also an in-ear headphone, and Diddy Beats. The headphones are made byMonster.

The Young’s have five children between them, two together and three from Dr. Dre’s previous relationships.  The Youngs’ are proof that after 17 years, there is no such thing as love fizzling. Their love for one another is just as passionate as it was when they first met.

This is another couple who truly live by the words “till death do us part”…

We wish you many more wonderful years together. You’re an inspiration to all KolorBlind men and women out there. Keep the flame burning!


10 thoughts on “KolorBlind Couple of the Month (January ’13): Nicole and Dr. Dre

  1. Dr. Dre is gangsta even in love. Really with that letter. It’s sweet and corny in a way. But I get the overall message. I had no idea Nicole was/is an attorney.

  2. Aww how sweet and ghetto all in the same sentence. They do compliment each other. Yep people definitely don’t write letters anymore. It’s all tweet, facebook, text message, etc. A rapper and an attorney…wow.

  3. OMG! How gangsta is Dr. Dre even when he’s being romantic. I wonder what attorney-at-law Nicole thought about his proposal. I can’t believe they’ve been married that long. They’re doing something right.

  4. He hit a goldmine with the headphones. Did anyone notice how he is business-minded in everything even in the letter he’s trying to make money off something.

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