Celebrity Spotlight: Diva Mariah Carey Talks Motherhood and Career…

Mariah Carey 2Mariah Carey may have a small army of assistants and handlers at her disposal, but that doesn’t make her impervious to the difficulties of parenthood.

The diva is back in the studio working on a new album, and now that she’s started her live-television debut as a judge on “American Idol,” things can only get busier.

“It’s super difficult,” the superstar told Wonderwall of balancing her career and her duties as a mother of 21-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott, with husband Nick Cannon. “It’s really exhausting.”

Mariah on balancing work with motherhood…

mariah and nick cannonThe challenge has also proven to be incredibly rewarding:

“The best is when everything runs smoothly and you come to work and do your job and then you go home like more of a normal person than someone who’s in a studio for 18 hours — which would [usually] be me,” Mariah said while promoting “American Idol” at the Television Critics Association winter 2013 press tour in Los Angeles.

Mariah is embracing her full life:

“Every moment is incredible and a blessing,” she says. “It’s just such an amazing thing that I never thought I would experience because I always said I didn’t think I would [have kids] because my career was always my life. But when you find the right person and you go through with it, [it’s amazing].”

Mariah on how different the twins are…

Dem Babies - Mariah Carey's twinsOn Moroccan and Monroe’s different personalities:

“[Moroccan] can be a little bit more aggressive, but not in a bad way. He’ll give [Monroe] a little tap, and she’s trying to hug him. She’s like a real sweetie.”

On her favorite activity with Moroccan:

“He’s my buddy. We watch movies together. We watch ‘Baby Can Read’ — and they’re only a year and a half! It’s like, ‘Wow, how are they doing this?!'”

On performing with her little ones:

“I was just performing in Sydney at an arena, and I brought [Monroe and Moroccan] out on stage because I want them to have these little experiences when possible. Some people might disagree with that, but [I knew] Monroe, my daughter, was going to love it. And she did not want to get off the stage! It was adorable, and I just fell so much more in love with the both of them.”


8 thoughts on “Celebrity Spotlight: Diva Mariah Carey Talks Motherhood and Career…

  1. Mariah I had so much respect for you until you decided to join American Idol. What the heck were you thinking? Not only did you join a show that’s going downhill but that drama between you and Nicki isn’t good for your image.

    • Some artists’ don’t get the whole approval rating thing. If they did, they wouldn’t put themselves in that situation.

  2. I never thought a woman worth $500 million would even be remotely interested in American Idol. You are famous, you are rich…why ridicule yourself on such a show?

  3. Mariah is a beautiful woman, and just like she misses the mark in fashion, she’s sorta missing it in managing her superstar celebrity. She has such a beautiful family. I just wish she would think about her legacy.

  4. American Idol has seen its last glory days I was extremely disappointed to see Mariah joining the show. You’re too big a star for that!

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