Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Niece Is Pregnant And Afraid To Tell Her Parents!

multiracial children

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My 15 year-old niece, who is mixed race black/white, confided in me that she’s pregnant. She says she’s scared to tell her mom (my sister) and wants me to take her to an abortion clinic.

I want to help her but I don’t want to do anything I’ll regret later. So how do I tell my sister her daughter is pregnant without hurting her feelings that she confided in me first?Hi there,

You’re absolutely right for not taking on the parenting role. You are her aunt and not her mother, and unless you are legally appointed as her guardian you have no right to make such a decision. Tell your sister her daughter confided in you because she was scared and knew how upset her mother would be.

Let your sister make the ultimate decision on whether to keep the baby or not. I know it’s a tough decision and if your sister decides to let her daughter keep the baby tough times are ahead, but you will forever regret it if you were to make the decision on her behalf.

I wish you and your family well with whatever you decide to do.

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5 thoughts on “Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Niece Is Pregnant And Afraid To Tell Her Parents!

  1. Oh my! You definitely need to let your sister know. She’s the parent and it’s her decision. I hate to hear teenagers have gotten themselves in trouble but it’s one of those things.

  2. Her mother needs to know and make the decision! I wish teens understood how a baby changes their lives forever. Condoms are great. They also protect you from diseases.

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