Interracial Relationship Advice: I Met A Guy Online But Things Got Weird

Credit: SYM

Hi, I recently met a guy online on an interracial dating site. We chatted back and forth on the website and really hit it off so we decided to meet up in person.

I’m a black woman and he’s white.

We exchanged phone numbers so we could communicate about our date (place, etc.) and I was really excited about meeting him. I got to the restaurant about 10 minutes early and called to find out where he was, I couldn’t reach him on the phone so I left him a message. Well I ended up leaving him like 5 messages that evening as he was a no-show. I felt embarrassed  and slightly foolish as I waited outside the restaurant repeatedly calling him. I eventually left after waiting like 40 minutes.

The worse part is that I didn’t hear from him for two days and then he calls to apologize and gives me an excuse of his car breaking down and he couldn’t call, blah…blah…blah. I told him it was OK and hung up. He’s been calling me since then but I haven’t answered his call.

Do you think I was hasty in my decision?

Hello there,

I’m glad you decided not to waste your energy or time on this fellow. You were not hasty nor harsh. A man stands you up and doesn’t even bother calling you. Even if he had car trouble, he could have called you that day and explained. Why wait two days to call? Obviously, he hasn’t been completely honest with you and made you look like a fool. You did the right thing. The right man will come along, be patient but most importantly be vigilant with online dating.

As wonderful as online dating can be, there are also negative aspects of it. From people posting other people’s photograph as theirs, to people lying about their age or occupation and the worst is those who lie about their relationship status.

As much as there aren’t ways to 100% fool-proof those who are lying on their online profiles, there are a few steps you can take next time to eliminate this:

  • Ask the man you’re chatting with online for a facetime or skype chat where you can both see each other’s faces
  • Study him to see if you’re able to talk at different times of the day. If you’re only able to reach him during certain times, he’s most likely in a relationship.
  • If you come across another community member who wants to get all of their info out right away and in return wants you to reveal all about yourself too much, too fast, this is usually a bad sign.
  • An attractive photo can capture the attention of many users and you too may become interested by one but pay close attention to any photos that appear to be too professional or generic looking.

I wish you better luck next time and hope you find Mr. Right soon. Be careful online and be very cautious. Your instincts will never fail you, so give in to them.

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Interracial Relationship Advice: I Met A Guy Online But Things Got Weird

  1. If a man stands me up, then doesn’t contact me for two days and wasn’t in the hospital (in coma), I’d let him go!!!

  2. Great article! Very helpful & honest!

    Thanks for adding my article in the Related Articles section! Truly flattered & honored!

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