Interracial Relationship Advice: I Need Tips For Attracting Men Of Other Races

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Hey KolorBlind Mag! I just wanted to say to you that it’s quite refreshing to come across your site because I am now allowing myself to pursue my attraction towards other men who aren’t black .

I have never been in an interracial relationship before but I have been interested in men of different races especially Caucasian men for a long time but have been crippled by fear of rejection or being labelled “curious”. I mean I used to feel guilty at my attraction towards Caucasian men and would just shelve the thoughts away. But that got the best of me one time in my previous relationship while dating a black guy, I had a dream I was in love with another man I didn’t know, who happened to be Caucasian.

*Is that insane or what*? I am a black South African young woman and seriously lacking in the art of flirting and possibly wooing a man of another race. I get a few stares from men of other races but that’s all it ever amounts to, just plain stares. I am even wondering if I am just not approachable or missing something. I just don’t know where or how to start flirting or getting the attention of the guy I’ll meet or bump into soon who will be different in race and to be frank, I am nervous.

How do I get their attention and how do I let them know that I won’t “bite”?? I thought I’d start here first to get some words of wisdom from you to help me make sense. And thank you for this amazing and insightful magazine.

Hi there,

I’m glad you enjoy the resources on our website. We appreciate it! 🙂 Wooing and attracting a man are two different things. Wooing is the art of pursuing someone of interest whether it be someone of the opposite sex or of the same sex. I advise you leave the wooing to the man and work on attracting a man which involves a lot of body language.

There is no formula to attracting a man of another race. Men/Women are attracted to who they’re attracted to. In relationships with people of the other race, fear is the number reason men and women don’t approach one another. Since neither party know whether the other is open to dating outside of their race.

The number one things I recommend to men/women who are having trouble attracting someone of another race is, to opt for a different social setting that includes more people of the race they’re trying to date. This step is VERY important! In addition, body language play another role in sending the message of ‘I’m single and interested’.

A lot of women overlook the art of smiling and making eye contact. A man who intently stares is most times shy and afraid to approach a woman of another race. Although interracial relationships are on the rise, in certain communities it’s still considered a taboo. If in the event, you feel a man is interested and slightly shy, walking over and saying hello won’t hurt.

Sometimes taking the initiative to break the ice goes a long way. However, you are never to ask him out. A man who is remotely interested will always take the lead. We actually have an article titled ‘The Top 5 Rules To Interracial Dating’ that addresses this in more detail. I recommend you read and follow the steps. In addition, a reader asked how to attract a man’s attention a while ago, read the advice we offered her. It might help you as well.

Good luck! I hope things work out for you. Please keep us posted.

P.S. XXX used the Contact Us form. You can too should you need interracial relationship advice.



9 thoughts on “Interracial Relationship Advice: I Need Tips For Attracting Men Of Other Races

  1. Great advice! I think going to hangout spots that are diverse is a great start. I guess if you’ve never dated outside your race before it can seem scary even though there’s nothing to be afraid of. My half sister is biracial and my girlfriend is too. I have never been shy about approaching a woman I’ve liked and have dated black and Asian before. A woman’s skintone isn’t of concern to me.

    • I’m white and my girlfriend is black. I too have never been shy about asking a girl out. I guess it just depends on the individual.

  2. I’m biracial and have dated both black and white. My current boyfriend is white and we met at the gym. You can meet men/women anywhere. I guess you just have to be attracted to each other.

    • You’re right you can meet women/men anywhere. If there’s a connection, something is sure to happen.

  3. I think you can meet people anywhere it’s really just a matter of attraction. Of course if you go places where people of different races hang out it’ll make your search much faster. There’s always online dating…

  4. I agree wooing and attracting men are two different things. I’m not sure a man is going to be comfortable if a woman is the aggressor. I definitely think letting the man be the one who asks you out is the way to go.

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