Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Biracial Granddaughter Looks Like A White Girl!

multiracial children

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Hi there, 

My son’s girlfriend is white and my son black. They have a mixed race daughter that looks really white and even has blond hair. 

When she was born I convinced my son to have a DNA test to find out if she was really his since she didn’t look anything like him. I was shocked to find out she is but I still have a slight issue with her looks. I can’t take her anywhere without people staring at us. One time someone asked if I was her nanny and I snapped back and said: ‘She’s my granddaughter’. 

Why do some mixed kids look so white?

Hi there grandma!

I’m glad you are honest with your feelings and concerns. Skin pigmentation in humans evolves to primarily regulate the amount of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin, controlling its biochemical effects. But not to bore you with any scientific/biological explanation, I’ll try to explain it the best way possible.

Our skin colors are determined by the amount of Melanin (or the lack thereof)  in our bodies. When two people of different races come together to reproduce (have a baby), that child can inherit more or less of one parent’s genetic marker, like in the case of your granddaughter (who has predominantly inherited her mother’s genetic marker).

However, I also want to remind you that the majority of African-Americans have Caucasian or Native American ancestry in their lineage, and since certain genetic traits skip a generation or two, it’s possible that she inherited some of your family’s Caucasian genetic marker too. Which brings me to the question: do you have any Caucasian ancestors?

There’s no need to be ashamed of your granddaughter or be upset about her skintone. You’ll only make it difficult for her growing up. Embrace the change in your family and be proud. Be happy you have a healthy granddaughter! It could always be worse!!!

Read our article on people from a Multi-generational Multi-racially Mixed (MGM-Mixed) lineage. It will open your eyes to some facts you probably never considered before.

Good luck with everything!

INTERESTING FACT: According to classical scholar Frank Snowden, skin color did not determine social status in ancient EgyptGreece or Rome. Relations between the major power and the subordinate state was viewed as more significant in a person’s status than was their skin color.

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15 thoughts on “Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Biracial Granddaughter Looks Like A White Girl!

  1. Genetics is an interesting concept isn’t it? It’s quite possible this family comes from Multi-generational Multi-racially Mixed (MGM-Mixed) lineage but don’t see themselves as such. Quite a few mixed race children take on more of one parent’s genetic trait. Wonderful response!

  2. Great advice! My 3 children’s skintone is as diverse as it can get. From very light (almost white) to a golden caramel. Most children children who I’ve seen look completely white have one biracial parent (or multiracial) and one white parent. Take Paula Patton for example. I love this article. It’s an eye-opener!

  3. The older generation and their closed-mindedness! One of my Caucasian grandparents is like this and it’s funny because my brother is almost white looking and my sister and I are more Halle Berry’s complexion. Let’s hope this granddaughter and her grandma can get along. Should the skintone of your children or grandchildren determine if you love them? This is almost ridiculous but echos a great percentage of Americans.

  4. I wonder if grandma felt embarrassed when the DNA test came back and proved her son IS THE DADDY! How can you say you’re embarrassed of your grandchild. Your offspring? She’s healthy, doesn’t require a wheelchair, etc. I don’t get it with some people and their views on race. So she’s white. Are white people not humans? This goes for those white people who do the same with black or Asian children/grandchildren as well.

  5. I wonder how the little girl’s mother feels about all of this. This has gotta be extra-hard for her to have to deal with a woman like this. So the color of a person’s skin is now up for debate? Utter-ridiculousness!

  6. If my grandmother treated me different because I didn’t look Asian enough, I would probably hate her. Get over it granny, and if you can’t don’t go visiting them. This is just sad.

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  9. I am multiracial, 2/3 black, 1/4 white and 1/8 Native American,with green eyes and brown hair. My 2 daughters’ father is white. My oldest girl has green eyes and long straight dark blonde hair w/ a golden complexion. My youngest daughter has blue eyes, curly brown hair and very fair skin. Over the years, teenagers now. we have gotten all kinds of questions and stares. Wake up people, this is the new face of America- the melting pot.

  10. Dear Grandma: This is called BREEDING OUT your race. Did u raise your son saying bring home a black girl like my parents did. Its only going to only get worse. I tell my kids blacks only I want to see myself in my grandchildren.

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