Interracial Relationship Advice: I Think My Fiance’s Cheating On Me…

Credit: SYM

My boyfriend of 3 years proposed to me two months ago and I’m over the moon with joy. I was beginning to think he would never propose. I’m white and he’s mixed Puerto Rican and Dominican.

While I’m happy, I think he’s cheating on me. Before you tell me I’m jumping into conclusion, let me explain why:

  1. He’s been traveling a lot for work lately except I just found out from one of his co-workers that they never asked him to go out of town for work.
  2. He’s been getting a lot of phone calls at odd times of the day and he’ll leave the room to answer the call.
  3. He also tells me he’s really tired when we go to bed at night which means no sex.

What should I do? I love him a lot and don’t want to lose him.

Hi there,

From what I’m able to make out of your situation, it seems you pressured him into proposing to you. He’s obviously lying about something or trying to cover something up. I would ask him what’s going on before making any decisions or jumping or concluding.

If he is able to be forthright with you and reveals he’s cheating, the decision to move on and call off the engagement or work it out with him, lies solely on whether you can handle him being unfaithful again in the future. A selfish man rarely ever changes and the fact he’s denying you sex means he cares less about your feelings. I’m not sure I would want to be with a man like that.

In any event, I advice you re-evaluate the relationship or at least try counseling to see if the situation can be repaired.

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Interracial Relationship Advice: I Think My Fiance’s Cheating On Me…

  1. I’d bet you he has someone else. If he does, move on. Once we men lose interest it’s almost always hard to change our minds.

  2. I’m not sure why women choose to ignore important signs in their relationships. We see the signs, we know what they mean yet we still sit there and ask questions hoping it’s not what our intuition says it is. It’s almost like we’re wired with the belief that there’s only one man for us.

  3. Suzy Williams is right. There are other men out there. I’m guessing this relationship was rocky before the engagement. Why else would he just change suddenly? Please move on and save yourself sleepless nights.

  4. I guess you’re just going to wait until he tells you he fathered a child outside of your relationship or he secretly got married to someone else???

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