Are You A Sofia Vergara? Do You Have A Jealous Boyfriend?

Born and raised in Colombia, South America, Vergara has become a household name in America. With several endorsements under her belt, a clothing line with K-mart and a successful television show (Modern Family), you would think all is well in the exotic world of Sofia Vergara.

However with fame, comes pain, lack of privacy and issues with matters of the heart!


sofia vergara lucky mag 2Colombians are a multiethnic Spanish-speaking people who are a mixture of EuropeansAfricansMiddle Easterners and Amerindians. A large percentage of African influence came into Colombia when black Africans were brought as slaves, mostly to the coastal lowlands, beginning early in the 16th century, and continuing into the 19th century.

Colombians are an indigenous people with 49% of the population is mestizo, or of mixed European and the earliest settlers’ ancestry, while 37% are white of full European ancestry. 14% of the Colombian population are of mulatto or mixed black African and European ancestry, while 4% are of black African ancestry and 3% are zambos, of mixed black African and Amerindian ancestry. Pure indigenous Amerindians comprise 1 percent of the population.

SIDENOTE: If you’ve ever wondered what race Sofia Vergara claims or if she was mixed with another race, the breakdown above should clarify any questions you may have.

The exotic beauty that is Sofia Vergara!

sofia vergara and nick loeb coupleAs difficult as relationships are for the average woman, when you’re on top of Hollywood’s list of most beautiful and talented people, you’re not exempt from struggles pertaining to matters of the heart.

Recently engaged to businessman Nick Loeb, a film actor and politician, known for producing ‘The Living Century‘ documentary, the relationship between Vergara and her beau has not been without controversy. Their on/off relationship ever since Loeb divorced his former wife, have been attributed by sources close to Vergara as:

  • Jealousy
  • Hot Temper
  • Drug Addiction
  • Money

SIDENOTE: If you are still in the dating-phase or your relationship has progressed to a relationship, it’s important to pay attention to details such as jealousy, a hot temper, control issues and substance abuse. Ignoring it or refusing to deal with those issues will only postpone the issues until a later time in the relationship.

It’s fine to be a little jealous of the one you love, but like all things in life, there should be limits. If while you are still unmarried, your boyfriend is unable to trust you, to no fault of your own, it’s time to end the relationship. 

Things will only get worse once you are married.

I am of the opinion that Nick and Sofia love each other very much, however, some relationships are toxic. And as with every toxic substance, you can develop a habit that will only end up hurting you.

Let’s take a look at their relationship’s timeline in 2012:

  1. May 2012: Sofia and Nick end their relationship due to allegations of constant fights
  2. June 2012: It was rumored that Nick has a substance abuse problem and engages in multiple-party sex orgies. Nick denies the allegations…
  3. July 2012: Nick proposes to Sofia during her 40th birthday celebration, while on a trip to Mexico
  4. September 2012: The couples’ engagement is announced

Sofia VergaraAccording to reports, Sofia Vergara and fiance Nick Loeb signed a prenuptial agreement, this of course is nothing noteworthy, however eyebrows are to be raised on one stipulation in the agreement:

In the event Nick Loeb engages in infidelity, Sofia Vergara is purported to be paid a sum of $10 million. Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

While no relationship is perfect and without its flaws, this particular stipulation in their prenuptial agreement makes me believe Sofia does not trust her fiance 100%. Notice how the stipulation only indicated that were NICK to cheat and not if either party were to cheat.

SIDENOTE: I honestly want this to work out for them. Being an immigrant myself, I admire Sofia’s drive, determination and the amount of success she’s garnered over the years. I wish for nothing but the best for her, however, the writing on the wall doesn’t look too good.

In addition to the above timeline of rocky events, Sofia’s friends have recently spoken out about the relationship, claiming she is ‘too trusting’ of the businessman:

‘He’s treating Sofia more like a bank cash machine than a bride-to-be. And Sofia is such a loving, trusting woman that she would never suspect that Nick is using her for her fortune,’ an insider claimed to the National Enquirer.

SIDENOTE: Although it’s reported that Nick Loeb is worth $15 million, he probably lost some of his wealth to his ex-wife and might be worth less now. Sofia is worth approximately $20 and her net worth is still on the rise with endorsements, a successful TV show, a clothing contract with K-mart and a host of other ventures.

When a man sees you as an unsuspecting ticket to a ‘cushy’ lifestyle, there is trouble. My mother always told me it’s in the woman’s best interest for a man to love her more. In this case, Sofia, according to observation from friends is more in love and trusting with all her heart. Well, until we factor in the stipulations in their prenuptial agreement. 

Anytime, your man stands back to repeatedly allow you to pick up the tab, you need to reconsider your relationship status. A man needs to prove he is able to take care of a woman. This is especially important in the ‘courting’ stage of the relationship. 

The effects of a controlling relationship…

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb on NYE before the fight

As if the events of 2012 were not enough, New Year‘s Eve was a semi-disaster. While the lovebirds spent their time in Miami at a club owned by Sofia’s ex-boyfriend (Chris Paciello) to ring in the New Year, things turned sour.

Even though Sofia dated Chris back in the late ’90s, people present at the club observed that Nick was agitated while they sat in the VIP section of the club.

From there, he and Sofia argued, and the argument turned into a dispute with people at another table. Pushing and shoving ensued and Sofia stepped in to try to calm the situation, but somehow she ended up getting pushed and shoved also. Her strapless dress was torn or pulled down in the melee, exposing her cleavage in front of other people and her son Manolo, who was so offended he left the club. ‘It was crazy’, recounts an eyewitness.

SIDENOTE: I can understand Nick feeling slightly uncomfortable with Sofia and Chris still being friends. However, they dated in the late ’90s, which means their relationship was over before we began the new millennium. If anyone is counting with me, that means their relationship has been over for approximately 13 years.

If my fiance is unable to trust me, I believe we should save ourselves the heartache and move on with other people!!! Why make a fool out of yourself over an old fling?

He was so preoccupied with making his point, he disregarded his fiance, whom he claims he loves, and her son. Were that my son, he would have told me to end the relationship and move on. 


A healthy relationship is all about having the right balance in life.  When issues such as jealousy, control, anger, verbal abuse start to play centerfold, it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship. Besides, there can never be pure love in such a controlling relationship; everything will always end up being a very selfish attempt from your partner’s side.

Here are 7 signs, that are an indication of a controlling relationship as defined by Kashmira Lad. These signs are extremely helpful in identifying destructive patterns in a relationship:

1. Violent Temper
This may even be followed by driving the car at a fast speed or throwing things around the house. Anger that reaches such levels is often a sign of showing ‘who’s the boss’ in the relationship. Although it may not be entirely directed towards you, it is better you keep a distance from such a person to avoid being his/her target in the future.

2. Lowering Your Confidence Levels
When a person wishes to have complete control in a relationship, he/she will make it a point to always insult you especially in public. It’s strange that people can actually carry out such an act and term it as ‘love’, but these are the signs you need to be aware of from the beginning.

A person who wishes to have complete control of a relationship will always lower your confidence levels. Such people even have the audacity to tell you about being unattractive or criticize you for everything little thing. They tend to always have you conscious about everything for fear of going ‘against’ their wishes.

3. Complete Control Over Your Plans
When was the last time you decided where you would go on a date? Did you even voice your opinion? If you are constantly doing things he/she ‘lovingly wants’ you to do…well, I think it’s time you rethink the relationship. When in a controlling relationship, he/she wants you to always agree to everything.

If you end up on the compromising side suchas wearing the kind of clothes he/she wants you to or eating the kind of food, which only he/she is fond of, you sincerely have a problem on hand.

4. Constant Flicker of Emotions
A person who wishes to be the controlling person in a relationship is usually very lovable one day and indignant the next. You are always at the receiving end of the verbal abuse. This ultimately results in you hoping for a change in your partner.

Well, despite everything, if this pattern continues, it will ultimately result in a lowering of your self-confidence and your approach towards things. Apologies would surely follow, but the constant change of emotions always continue.

5. You are Always at Fault
This is what a person who wishes to have control always does. While in a relationship, such a person constantly blames you for everything. He/she will pick fights and blame you for ‘ruining their mood’. He/she tells you that you have ruined a romantic evening just because you said something.

You are always to blame for ruining a perfect evening; even though it’s not your fault. This may leave you in a confused state of mind and feeling scared about voicing your opinion. Such behavior is also know to leave you in complete control of your partner.

6. Jealousy and a Constant Watch Over Your Actions
In the initial stages of a relationship, constant phone calls may seem cute, but when a person keeps tabs over every minute of your life, well, you have a problem…a serious one at that! A person who loves to control their partner may call to know where you shopped or who is it you were hanging out with at the coffee shop.

Letting your partner know about your plans is a nice thought but giving explanations all the time isn’t. Besides, such a partner will likely be jealous when you catch up with your friends.

7. You May be Good, but Not Good Enough
Your partner always make you feel like you are not really good enough for him/her. Even if you try to bake the best of cakes or take the person to an exotic place for a date, he/she would makes it a point to say your efforts were really not good enough. Such a person is never satisfied with any amount of effort from your side.

Pay attention..

Are you in a relationship similar to Sofia Vergara? Do the above 7 signs seem familiar to you? Are you in denial and are hoping he’ll change for the better? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Most abusive relationships start off in the manner described in this article and escalate until it gets out of control. Do yourself a favor and move on. It’s for your own good!


7 thoughts on “Are You A Sofia Vergara? Do You Have A Jealous Boyfriend?

  1. Wow. Yep I do recognize some of these signs. I must have missed the news about the NYE’s fight. Let’s hope it was just a really bad day and not that he’s actually like this. I like her too and she doesn’t deserve drama.

  2. Wait he got into a fight and she got hurt in the process and her son was there? Sofia girl, I know you love him but he obviously has a temper. I don’t think he’s the right one for you.

  3. i think she should leave him especially since they have a history of fighting. I know once a woman loves a man it’s hard to get over him, but we also have to protect ourselves and our kids. A hot tempered man is also an aggressive man!

  4. The 7 signs above are absolutely right. A healthy relationship is all about finding the right balance. Sofia is in entertainment and as a result she’s going to be surrounded by male friends and admirers, her boyfriend/fiance needs to understand this and be able to trust her.

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