Suggested readings of the month December ’12: The Night Before Christmas, A Merry Little Christmas

Hello family, it’s that time of the month again. This month’s suggested readings are:

  1. The Night Before Christmas  by Clement C. Moore (Author), Mary Engelbreit (Illustrator)
  2. A Merry Little Christmas: Celebrate from A to Z by Mary Engelbreit (Author, Illustrator)

The night before christmasReaders young and old are invited into the enchanting world of Mary Engelbreit in this sparkling edition of Clement C. Moore’s classic poem. It is the night before Christmas, in a house so cozy and colorful, so filled with expectation, so dusted with Christmas magic that only this beloved illustrator could have created it.

Shhh… A mouse is asleep in its snug den and children are dreaming as sugarplum fairies flutter around their bed. Then there’s the jingle of bells. . . .

For this merry celebration of Christmas, Mary Engelbreit has filled every page with bewitching details, rich color, and memorable characters. These include a bevy of mischievous elves, an adorable mouse, and a lovable, bespectacled Santa. The images in Mary’s joyous vision will bring discovery and delight to generations of readers.

The following are the Editorial Reviews the book has received:

“I love the illustrations of Mary Engelbreit, but actually it was our 2 year old son who picked out this book. Hour after hour, day after day, he crawls into our laps and has us read to him. This is his favorite book, which isn’t bad because we love it too. The pictures are detailed, full of little surprises, and warm and delightful.”

“This version of the story has been so beautifully illustrated, I never tire of looking at it. (Mary Engelbreit, Jan Brett, and Tasha Tudor have all done a wonderful job of illustrating their own renditions of this classic tale by Clement Moore.)”

“We bought the DVD for our son for Christmas, and it’s also wonderful. Our son watches it over and over.” – apples2apples 

“My husband wanted a copy of The Night Before Christmas to read to my daughter. I decided to purchase this version of the book because of the wonderful reviews about the illustrations. The illustrations are bold, colorful and beautiful. My 12 month old daughter’s eyes lit up when my husband began reading this book to her. She is mesmerized by the pictures. I would give this book as a gift..”—Mia

“I am a huge Engelbreit fan, and I just love this book. Every page is dazzling. My two year old loves it as well; he just gets lost in every illustration. He points to this and that and just can’t get enough of just LOOKING. Engelbreit’s bright colors and attention to detail just shine in this book. They just don’t come any better than this!”—Just Another Opinion

a merry little christmasWelcome to a winter wonderland!

Christmas is coming, but there’s still so much to do!

In their tiny village in the woods, Gregory Mouse and his family are just as busy as Santa and his elves. They have gingerbread houses to decorate, presents to wrap, cookies to bake, and snowy hills to sled—all before the celebration begins!

This playful holiday alphabet book offers children a miniature world filled with wonderful details—a treat that could only come from Mary Engelbreit, the beloved artist whose bestselling edition of The Night Before Christmas is already a classic.

 The following are the Editorial Reviews the book has received:

“Mary Engelbreit has won a place in my heart over the years with her colorful illustrations, and lovable, oft-times zany characters. However, with A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, Engelbreit has managed to combine each and every cheerful thing that accompanies the holidays, and place them all into one very unique, beautifully illustrated rhyming tale, that manages to give a child a lesson in the alphabet due to the fact that it is CELEBRATING FROM A TO Z.”

“If you are searching for a holiday book that will stay popular throughout the year, you can’t go wrong with Mary Engelbreit’s latest. The cheerful prose coupled with the breathtaking illustrations of a little mouse family preparing for the coming holiday will make readers young and old smile, while tossing them headfirst into the holiday spirit. An irresistible holiday book that must hold a place in everyone’s home library!” – Erica Sorrocco

“My children constantly picked up the book to page through it. The illustrations are very sweet and the book was easy for my 4 and 6 year olds to read and enjoy on their own.My children constantly picked up the book to page through it. The illustrations are very sweet and the book was easy for my 4 and 6 year olds to read and enjoy on their own.”- Lynn Harnen

Mary Engelbreit’s A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS has quickly become my children’s favorite holiday book. An A-to-Z story covering everything from angels to letters to Santa to a zillion ways that Christmas brings cheer, this is a wonderful story for either a beginning reader or any child at heart.”

“With absolutely beautiful illustrations and a rhyming storyline, A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a wonderful addition to any home library–or a perfect present for the child on your gift list. It’s sure to please and bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives it; the fact that it’s so cheerful will only add to your own holiday spirit!” – Teens Read Too

Christmas is one of those seasons where we relive our childhood. It’s a season of love, a season of joy and these books represent the core of the season. Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!

It is said that reading stimulates the mind. The more you read, the more you open your mind up to new ways of thinking and thus the more creative you will become. Happy reading as always!


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