Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Husband Won’t Let Our Daughter Date A Black Boy!

multiracial children

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My husband and I are both white and live in a fairly predominantly white neighborhood. As much as I see all people as equal, my husband is of a different opinion. 

My 16 year old daughter recently let us know that she is interested in dating a boy she met at practice, she’s a cheerleader and one of the basketball players caught her fancy. 

The worst part is that my husband told me she couldn’t date a ‘colored boy’. He didn’t want his daughter associating with ‘that type’. What do I do? I don’t care what race my daughter dates as long as he comes from a decent home, has morals, loves and respects our daughter.


It’s rather unfortunate that you’re married to a bigot, narcissistic sociopath who feels superior to all of mankind. This is going to be tough either way you approach it, but you have two options, one of which I believe you’ve exercised  already:

  1. Talk to him AGAIN. Let him know by forbidding her, that she’ll only sneak around your backs.
  2. Let him know regardless of how he feels, you’re supporting your daughter and plan on chaperoning their dates for a while.

I have to warn you that it WILL get ugly at some point of them dating and may even involve the police. You have to be prepared for any which way your husband turns. Although racism isn’t a misdemeanor or felony, actions resulting from it can be labeled as such by the authorities. Remind your husband of this fact!

A couple was arrested earlier in the year because they battered their daughter so badly she ended up in the hospital. Their reason, just like your husband, was RACISM. They didn’t want their daughter dating a black boy and bringing shame upon their family.

I wish you well and hope your daughter dating her friend doesn’t lead to casualties!

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13 thoughts on “Multiracial Parenting Advice: My Husband Won’t Let Our Daughter Date A Black Boy!

  1. This is so sad. That poor girl is so unlucky to have a racist dad. I think she should go ahead and date whoever she wants and if he can’t deal he should go jump off a cliff

  2. I am speechless. Colored people really? Your husband is a racist, misogynist beast! That poor girl. The fact that she even asked for permission shows she’s a good girl. I can’t believe your husband. I just clicked on the link about the parents who beat their daughter and could not believe my eyes. Wow…this is too much hatred. As a woman in an interracial relationship and mother of three biracial children I am beyond appalled at your husband’s racist attitude.

  3. I dare him to try something stupid and suffer the consequences. Racist bastard! I’m biracial do you think my parents should have killed me off? I can’t stand racist idiots like this.

  4. This is beyond sad. Your husband must be a part of GOP. The ‘I hate all things not white’ party. I’m a white woman and although I’ve never dated outside my race I don’t have anything against other races. If my child decides she wants to be with a green person it wouldn’t bother me one bit as long as he loves her and takes good care of her.

  5. this page is filled with filthy liberal scum. you retards seriously believe you can tell us white nationalists what to think and do and tell us we should all be like you. you liberals are the intolerant ones you bitch and cry about how you love everyone and you want racism to go away then you perpetuate it by slagging off your own people “white men are unattractive,have small penises,are stupid and steal everything and invaded the world” then you tell us that racism is bad and your “anti-racist” someday us white nationlists will have the strength,technology,numbers,and our own homogenous territory and once we have those things….you are going to see a war that makes world war 2 look like a trip to disney land. email me back liberals i predict that you will all call me “a piece of australian convict shit” as you usually do but hey that will just reinforce my claim that you liberals are the bigoted ones (

  6. You call him “bigot, narcissistic sociopath who feels superior to all of mankind” because he’s racist.
    Would make over 80% of the world population “bigot, narcissistic sociopaths who feel superior to all of mankind”.
    Chill out. You’re supposed to give advice instead of getting hysterical.

  7. Drivel.The man is entitled to his opinion and not wanting your child to date someone of another race which brings a whole host of issues does not make someone a sociopath.What a hysterical reaction and not one I would expect to see from someone who is supposed to give advice.

  8. The reality of cross breeding is it has a negative outcome.Normally the anglo blood will rise to the top,while the inferior african blood will “ook” about,seeking the path of least resistance.Just teach the Race hating daughter and forget about the shame she brought you.

  9. I personally have had the same problem. My dad will not allow me to date a black guy. & he hasn’t even met the guy. He doesn’t understand that all black guys aren’t the same. 80% of white females are not interested in thugs. We know what we want, & it is a man that will treat you right & spoil you. My dad doesn’t understand the concept that my boyfriend would never hurt me & would do anything for me. & it gets really annoying after a while because he keeps threatening that he will kick me out of the house. For what? Dating a black guy? I asked for his permission & he said no. Well, if a guy makes you really happy. Your parents should be there for you right? Wrong. He is really stereotypical and my mom just stays out of it because she doesn’t want to get my dad upset. If you forbid a teenager to do something without proper reasoning that makes sense to them, the teenager will just do it behind your back. They are old enough to make their own decisions & the parents are just going to have to accept who she dates & the decisions she makes.

  10. There are a billion perfectly valid reasons for him to feel that .. Not the least of which the anti-white hating garbage you see expressing their opinions here … Your daughter will mostly likely be doomed to a life of single motherhood and relish in anti-white hatred and pro-white extinction nonsense among the posters you see here … Not to mention her kids will be brown, less desirable and look nothing like her heritage has for 1,000’s of years, wanting to have beitiful children who retain Europeon features in some regard is nothing to be ashamed of, in spite of what anti-white racists will tell you

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