Interracial Relationship Advice: Thanks For The Advice!

Credit: SYM

Hey there,

My name is Sujatha. I’m not sure you remember me but I wrote asking you for advice last month about a guy I ride the train with and you told me to ask him out to coffee.

Well I followed your advice and we had coffee about twice before he asked me out on a date. We’ve been on several dates since then. I just wanted to write in and say thank you. 

Hi Sujatha,

I do remember you. I’m glad things worked out for you :).

Sujatha wrote in, in early October stating:

Hey there, my name is Sujatha and I’m an American-born Indian. Even though my parents tried their best to raise us the traditional Indian way, my siblings and I are very American. I’ve been attracted to men of different races for a while, but have been too shy to admit it. Long story short, I ride the train to work daily and there’s a man who rides the same train. We’ve made eye contact a lot but we’ve never talked.

Should I ask him out? What’s the best way to get him to speak to me? I’m very positive he likes me because he sometimes smiles at me. Or is this a case of me fantasizing and misconstruing his signals? Either way I need your help as I’ve never dated outside my race before.

P.S. I love your website.

Read the response to Sujatha’s request here.

P.S. Sujatha used the Contact Us form. You can too should you need interracial relationship advice.


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