I voted for Obama. Am I partisan?

The impression on the minds of millions of Americans, predominantly Caucasian America, is that Americans classified as minorities voted for President Obama because he himself is a minority. This argument is partially true however, I am one of the many Americans (immigrant) who voted him into office in 2008 and continued my support into the recent election.

One of my male Caucasian friends said I was partisan and partial in my decision (a decision I actually never really shared with him) for reelecting President Obama a second time. His assumptions were I took the ‘race route’ and therefore was partial based on race.

I am aware millions of minorities particularly minorities of African descent have been accused of the same partisanship and I can only imagine it bothers them just as much as it does me.

Let me take a few minutes to detail some of the reasons I voted for President Obama:


There are not too many words available to describe an intelligence so I’ll simply leave it at ‘Intelligent‘. While it can be argued that his opponent was equally intelligent, this man has a slight edge in that he does not force his education upon us. He is simply himself! I have never felt belittled by his education, knowledge or political exposure.

It takes great character to relate with different groups of people of varying backgrounds and education!

A man of the People

One key factor in leading people whether it be in an organization, revolution or in this case an entire country, is the love of people. Until you can dig deep within you and find a spot for all: gay, straight, disabled, white, black, brown, red, green, wealthy, poor, etc. you are UNABLE to lead!

President Obama demonstrated very early on in his political career that he was a man for the people and a product of the people. He clearly demonstrated that he too had experienced some of the woes known to us and that he knew what needed to be done to fix some of the decline in our society.

A man who truly cares for all and loves all is a shining example of a leader.


Eloquence – the quality of persuasive expressiveness can take on many forms, however, to not fool ourselves, eloquence is meaningless if the people being addressed are far removed from your speech. President Obama, the orator, has mastered the art of speech that levels with all: educated, uneducated, foreign-speaking English and the like.

I have never had a problem understanding his policies, his stance on affairs be it foreign or domestic. He is extremely audible, clear and conscious of the group of people he is addressing.

That cannot be said of his opponent, well former opponent.


While politics is a dirty and raunchy game, President Obama’s real character came through early in his campaign, both in his personal life and as Commander-in-Chief. He has shown moments of vulnerability and has been firm when needed. There has never been a time when I second-guessed his intentions and felt insignificant in his administration.

In fact, his administration and former President Clinton‘s administration made me feel welcome in the United States and a part of the family.

I, just like millions of Americans (particularly immigrants), am not oblivious to lies, false hope and unjust policies/laws.

Capable Head of Household

While you may argue that his personal life should not be a determining factor for my vote, I say it plays a huge role. If you are unable to lead your home in love and unison  you have no business ruling over me and making decisions that affect me and my future generations. His love and affection towards his family is uncanny and one to be emulated.

Seeing him interact with his wife brings such joy and comfort and put millions of people at ease. It was never forced; they never at any point felt they needed to kiss or hold hands in public to show us they loved each other.

It was evident in the way they looked at each other even when they thought we wouldn’t notice. It was also evident in the way they talked about one another.


President Obama’s administration have been huge advocates for:

  • Women’s health
  • Healthcare Reform (Obamacare)
  • Education and student loan reform
  • Tax redistribution
  • Equality for men and women of LGBT
  • Equality for women’s right in the workplace
  • Tax benefits for small businesses
  • Immigration reform

Besides the rights for men and women to choose their sexual orientation (LGBT) and education/student loan reform, I have benefited from the policies his administration have put in place and look forward to those still pending.

Other nations not as large as ours and not as influential are able to provide free healthcare to all their citizens, America has lacked long enough in providing this crucial service, when President Obama introduced his model for healthcare reform in the form of Obamacare, they was a slight glimpse of hope in the eyes of people.

The knowledge of knowing that one day we and our children would all have healthcare coverage, regardless of our net worth, is one that allows me to sleep better at night.  I can imagine there are others who feel the same way.

I am a single mother, minority, own a small business, whose child will go off to college in 7 years, need I say more?


While race was not necessarily a determining factor in my vote in 2012, it was in 2008. I wanted to be a part of history. I wanted to be counted among the millions of Americans who voted the first President of color into office. In 2012, President Obama’s race was no longer a determining factor as he represents the new face of America. He is part white and black. he might as well be Latino as he shares some of the same racial background (Caucasian, African – missing is the Spanish ancestry) as them.

Would it have made a difference if he were Asian? I think not. You see, only an uninformed citizen will overlook the core values critical to the sustenance of Americans and vote otherwise. I made the right choice in my vote and so did millions of Americans who voted him into office.

You can argue the meritorious praise President Obama receives from his supporters, but deep down you too can agree that he was the better candidate and race was never a factor in selecting my leader/our leader.

I voted for a man who believes in the equality of all mankind (white, black, brown, green, red), one not prejudice to our sexual orientation (straight, queer, rectangular, round), one not prejudice to a social class system (millionaires/billionaires vs. the poor), one not prejudice to gender (men vs. women). I, and millions of American voted for the right man. We made an informed choice!

P.S. Mr. ‘you are partisan’ also voted for President Obama!


6 thoughts on “I voted for Obama. Am I partisan?

  1. Well written but I think President Obama needs to put more effort into his administration/policies and stop letting GOP push him around. I’m a lesbian and I appreciate his support of the LGBT community. We should all be allowed to choose our orientation and lifestyle.

  2. I too voted for Obama and I’m white. Race was never an issue for me, but I’m a student and my parents don’t have millions stashed away somewhere so I can’t borrow from them like Romney suggested and if the interest rates on student loans keep increasing it’ll be another 20 years before I can pay it off so I appreciate President Obama’s stance on pell grants, lowering student loan interest rates, Obamacare and more. He’s a great abd smart president that took over at the worst time ever.

  3. Nice article! I am one of millions who voted for Prez Obama after GOP started their illegitimate campaign, phobia towards LGBT, disdain for Obamacare, hatred for the 47% among other disturbing revelations. I am a registered Republican; my parents are registered Republicans but we voted otherwise so we could continue to enjoy the freedom so many have died for. When the wife of a presidential aspirants starts to ask questions like why are women fighting for equal rights and pay, then you know something is amiss.

  4. I agree with Joanna H. We all heard how they really felt about women, LGBT and minorities and we all made the right choice by voting for the better candidate like you said. Hopefully this election sent them (GOP) a message to change their views.

  5. I agree and you raise some valid points. A lot of my republican friends voted Obama because they were afraid of what would happen to their wives, daughters and elderly parents. Who is government to decide when a woman can have an abortion or if rape results in pregnancy? GOP messed up and they need to re-strategize or else 2016 will go democrat as well.

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