Kim Kardashian: The Quest To Be Loved

Anyone who has access to the internet, reads blogs/newspapers/soft-sell magazines and/or watches TV is familiar with the name Kardashian.

The name ‘Kardashian’ has become a household name not only in America, but in most developed countries.


Kardashian-Jenner Family Portrait

The Kardashian-Jenner Clan

The most famous Armenian family who are fourth-generation Armenians are somewhat of an ethnically diverse family with mother Kris Jenner adding Dutch and Irish ancestry to the mix.

However, they are not to be confused with people of a racially diverse background.

Armenians still fall under the Caucasian race in the Aryan sub-race category:

The Aryan race is a concept historically influential in Western culture in the period of the late 19th century and early 20th century. It derives from the idea that the original speakers of the Indo-European languages and their descendants up to the present day constitute a distinctive race or subrace of the larger Caucasian race.

The Kardashians, although not in the business of acting, singing, nor heirs to a conglomerate or empire, are notably more famous than some who are in the entertainment industry or heirs to an empire. Fame came about via Kim Kardashian and the infamous sex tape with Ray J (singer Brandy Norwood‘s younger brother).

But what’s fascinating is the amount of publicity this family garners on a daily basis. They are not only on our television screens, they are on the cover of soft-sell magazines, talked about on almost every celebrity blog and are extremely active socialites/medialites*.

So what is it about this family and why is Kim Kardashian everywhere I look and turn, you ask yourself? Well, it’s simple: Kris Jenner (head of the Kardashian matriarch  has mastered the art of marketing so well that it has even generated a combined total net worth of over $100  million for the family. That is wealth that will most likely outlive them and something most people can only dream of.

But this article is not about the entire Kardashian clan, it’s about Kim Kardashian, the shining star of the family. Kim Kardashian is single-handedly responsible for what we know today as ‘The Kardashian Invasion’.

SIDENOTE: What people fail to realize is that the Kardashians make money from being in the public eye, they are able to seal contracts worth millions of dollars as a result of their public appeal and marketability.

In other words, they are a reality family which means their every move is captured on camera for the world to see…this is what E! network is paying millions of dollars for. 

Who is Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian

The queen of reality TV

Kim is the 32 year old who’s curvaceous curves and beautiful delicate facial features are topic of discussion on a regular basis. But what’s talked about more than anything else, is her association with the opposite sex.

This association has earned her the label of ‘whore’, ‘slut’, etc. While it’s easy to associate those terms to Kim Kardashian, the reality star is far from being any of those things.

Kim Kardashian has only had five (5) boyfriends (among which 2 ex-husbands), however, the media paints a picture of a woman who has had 10,000 boyfriends/sexual partners and is extremely promiscuous.

Let’s examine this further: she married Damon Thomas when she was 20 years old, her relationship with Ray J earned her air time on television and introduced her to the world, she briefly dating Nick Cannon from  September 2006 to January 2007, was then involved in a 3-year relationship with Reggie Bush, married Kris Humphries briefly and is currently in a relationship with rapper Kanye West.

If you’re counting, this all adds up to 6 relationships with four (4) of them being highly publicized!

SIDENOTE: I am not one to twist the truth….NEVER! Let me be clear however, I would NEVER endorse Kim Kardashian as a role model because she does not possess any talent that one can be inspired by.

I am inspired by Oprah because of the legacy she has built and the doors/opportunities she has created for women and minorities in media.

With Kim Kardashian, it’s a different story as she’s just a reality TV personality and hasn’t done anything to be idolized for. If it were not for her ruthless business woman of a mother who has turned the Kardashian/Jenner clan into a well oiled marketing machine, the family would have long gone into obscurity. But a ‘whore/slut’ she is NOT!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Wedding photo

Kim Kardashian and former husband Kris Humphries

But why does she have a different boyfriend every time I see her? Well, for one she does not have a different boyfriend every time you see her, you just see a whole lot of her and whomever she’s currently dating on a daily basis.

Remember, she’s a reality star and reality happens by the second. Cameras follow her everywhere she goes (not accidental), and media has seen her as a ratings magnet so she gets mentioned and talked about as a result to generate money for various media outlets.

Her problem is not that she has dated too many men, her problem lies in her view and esteem of herself. You would think a woman who has the world on their toes every time she steps out would be more confident and self-sufficient.

The Divorce And Its Effect

Kim and her siblings lived a ‘middle class’ American lifestyle with their parents who loved each other dearly. Well, all of that was fine, until the day her parents announced they were getting a divorce. If you read ‘The Fall & Rise of Nicole Ritchie’, you’ll understand how I examined and linked divorce to emotional instability.

SIDENOTE: Divorce affects children more than adults. For a child to wake up one day and see their world forever change, is one that has a devastating effect on them for years to come. If the issues, fears and concerns that child has, are not addressed immediately they are bottled up and become a problem that’s rooted deep inside them.

Some act out on this problem and become a problem unto themselves, while some exude various personality flaws that hinder them in fostering healthy and meaningful relationships. Could divorce be responsible for Kim Kardashian’s failed relationships? We’ll, see…keep reading.

Although her mother was fortunate to marry a caring and loving man, it doesn’t replace one’s own father in any way. The only children who gravitate towards their step-parents as substitute are those who’s biological parents are not involved in their lives and have expressed either through action or words, that they’re not interested in being involved.

SIDENOTE: Other than those two exceptions mentioned above, a biological parent cannot easily be replaced. I can only imagine the Kardashian siblings felt betrayed and vulnerable. I can picture Kim longing for her old family back. I can imagine her telling herself that when she grows up she’ll have a family that won’t divorce and they’ll always be together for the kids.

If you notice, she married at a very young age; an age where most young adults aren’t even thinking of marriage. She was trying to recreate the family she had. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on a stroll

Kim Kardashian and current boyfriend Kanye West

She longs to be loved and that’s apparent in all her relationships. We’ve watched her transform herself in her 3-year relationship with Reggie Bush as a Football loving girlfriend all in a bid to settle down with him. It was also very apparent that she wanted him to propose.

We watched her rush into marriage with Kris Humphries and assume the role of a Basketball girlfriend even though they barely had anything in common. And her biggest transformation has been in her current relationship with Kanye West.

SIDENOTE: If you’ve observed the queen of reality TV since she began her relationship with Kanye West, you’ll notice she has become unrecognizable as a result of wanting to please him. She obeys his every command almost as a way to assure him she’ll make an obedient wife.

In one photograph she is seen holding Kanye’s hand and guiding him to the car. She then proceeds to open the door for him and ensures he’s safe in the car before she proceeds to the driver side to drive them off. Do you notice how the roles switched in that scenario? She wanted to protect him! Only a woman who is trying too hard to please a man will assume the role of a protector.

On another occasion. Kanye West is seen sitting inside the car while Kim pumps gas. This incident occurred rather early in their relationship and can also be seen as a red flag. A man, especially in the early stages of a relationship, goes over and beyond to impress and show the woman he is capable of taking care of her. 

She has also become a sudden rap fan and can be seen tweeting rap lyrics (mostly Kanye’s verses) on a regular basis. Were Kanye West an athlete you would see her front row at every game. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her supporting her boyfriend, her own interests/hobbies should never be lost in the process.

However, the only interests and hobbies she’s had have been those of her boyfriends’!


The most recognized/popular reality TV personality, successful business woman who has graced the cover of most (if not all) major magazines in the world, socialite and occasional television actress has been unable to identify and attract the type of man that would compliment her.

Instead, she has fallen for men who lust after her body but aren’t really concerned with who she is as a person. These are men who love being seen with her and are more into showing her off as their ‘trophy-girlfriend’. Very little is seen in these relationships as connecting emotionally.

SIDENOTE: Out of all her relationships, Kanye West is the only one who has been able to provide Kim Kardashian with the lifestyle she has become accustomed to as a result of her fame.

However, I do not believe he is the one yet. A man who is secure of himself and cherishes the woman he’s with, will NEVER require a woman to change her entire life for him. He will NEVER make demands of her appearance especially when there is nothing wrong with it. 

A secure man will not make unnecessary demands of who you are publicly all in an attempt to transform you into something he’s dreamed of. A man who respects you and wants to make you his own, will never share your intimate moments with an outsider.

Something as sacred as intimacy is something between a man and a woman. Kanye tweeted a few weeks ago: ‘I just fucked Kim so hard’. A disgusting and distasteful confession! Were Kim in the right frame of mind and self-sufficient, she would have broken up with him even if temporarily to teach him a lesson. 

I wish Kim would take time out to figure out who she is, what she wants in life and what she desires in a man. Most of all, I wish she would seek the help of a professional (relationship therapist/psychologist) and discuss some of the her fears and why she feels the need to cling onto a man for validation. Her inability to be content with herself is the cause of her awful decisions in relationships.

Although her mother takes care of her business life and all is well there, her personal life needs much more attention (not media attention). I’m afraid she’ll finally get divorced from Kris Humphries, marry Kanye West immediately only to wake up one morning and discover she’s not happy and it was not meant to be.

SIDENOTE: The fact that her sisters are all in steady relationships that compliment them is probably another factor that is pressuring her to want a relationship of her own. Her younger sister Khloe Kardashian married her husband after a 3-month courtship and they’ve been happily married for 3 years and counting.

Although Kourtney Kardashian has expressed that she does not want to get married, her relationship with Scott Disick can be likened to any married couple. 

All of this is probably a source of concern to Kim and the reason behind her sudden urge to want to be in a committed relationship. I am all for a competitive state of mind, however, relationships do not belong on the competitive to-do list. Have you heard of the saying ‘Rush in, Rush out’? This is what usually happens when you fall feet first in love instead of head in.


At the age of 32, she and her sisters are on the verge of creating an empire for themselves. With a:

  • Clothing line: Kardashian Kollection available at Sears and K-D and most recently Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins
  • Clothing store: D-A-S-H for their K-Dash collection of clothes
  • A collection of fragrances to include: Glam, Gold, True and more…
  • Cosmetics: Khroma Beauty
  • Various endorsements and more…

Kim’s list of accomplishments are noteworthy and admirable for a young woman whose breadwinner passed away in September of 2003 as a result of esophageal cancer.

SIDENOTE: Although success is never complete if you don’t have someone to share it with, it is best for Kim to be in a relationship that compliments her.

An ideal relationship would be one where the man can pamper her and continue to provide her with the lifestyle she’s gotten accustomed to, but also bring out the best in her, push her to attain new heights in her career, (bring out the philanthropy in her) and most importantly help her overcome her insecurity.  

Although she makes enough to take care of herself, it is ideal for a man to assume the role of a provider. Having a relationship that compliments her will help complete her.

Look at the way Beyonce and Jay-Z, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden and so many other celebrity couples compliment each other, not only in life but also in business. This is the type of relationship Kim Kardashian needs. 


I hope this article on Kim Kardashian is an eye-opener into some the issues women go through in their quest for love. You should never change yourself to the extent you become unrecognizable all in the bid to win a man’s heart.

A man who loves you and wants to make you his own will be the one to work for your love and affection and not the other way around. Be yourself always and you will attract the right person.

A woman who is yet to discover herself will only find herself conforming to every man she’s in a relationship with. By the time she awakens, she’ll realize she’s wasted precious time becoming someone she’s not.

In order to make a relationship work:

  1. Find yourself. Know who you are
  2. Identify what you need to compliment you
  3. Identify what the man in your life needs to posses, in order for your relationship with him to be beneficial
  4. If a man complains about everything you do, how you talk, dress and think, he NEEDS to be with someone other than you
  5. A man MUST learn to accept YOU as you are, just as you MUST learn to accept him as he is, granted there are things we can always change about ourselves, however a man should NEVER completely change you

*medialite = a term coined for an active social media user; synonym to socialite.



12 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: The Quest To Be Loved

  1. So this is why she dates someone new every year? Gives you major side eye. Still like the site but you needed the side eye.

  2. Well written article! I know people will disagree with your opinion but divorce does leave a lasting scar if not dealt with immediately. I too thought she has had more than 5 partners.

  3. I don’t care if her parent’s divorce affected her. She won’t be the first nor last kid from a divorce so GET OVER IT! I see too much of her everywhere.

  4. Hmmm…food for thought. You do raise some valid points. You’re right she’s only been attached to five guys. There are celebrities who’ve gone through more than that in one year. But she’s paying a huge price for stardom, that’s for sure.

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  6. It’s funny how people get on Kim about dating so many men when celebrities like J. Lo have dated countless men and Taylor Swift, America’s darling, has had her fair share of them too.

  7. Well written article and analysis. As much as I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, I do have to agree that there are other celebrities who have had more relationships than Kim.

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