Multiracial Parenting Advice: How Do I Teach My Daughter About Race?

multiracial children

Image via Corbis

I recently stumbled upon your website and I have to say I love it. It’s so resourceful. Is your website site new because I’ve never heard about it before?

I’m interracially married; I’m a white woman and my husband is part black and Asian. We have a 31/2 year old daughter and I would like to teach her about her mixed race background before she starts pre-school.

What is the best way to explain this to her? Will she understand or should we wait until she’s a bit older?


Yes, we’re new. Thanks for liking the site! I’m glad you’re thinking in the right direction. A lot of parents don’t bother having this conversation with their kids and then wonder why their kids come home either upset or curious as to why they look different from their classmates.

Since she’s so young, the best way to teach her would be to pull out your paint brush and paint palette and show her how colors change when you mix them. Then explain to her that just like the paint palette, God created us all with different skin colors and when a dad with a different skin color and a mum with a different skin color have a baby, their baby is born with a beautiful and unique skin-tone.

For parents of multiracial and single race children, here are a few resource about teaching your children about race and different cultures as they’ll be exposed to it in school:

Happy KolorBlind parenting!

P.S. XXXXX used the Contact Us form to ask her question. You can too should you need multiracial parenting advice.


11 thoughts on “Multiracial Parenting Advice: How Do I Teach My Daughter About Race?

  1. This is such excellent advice. This would actually work for a little child trying to understand race. This is perfect. Thanks.

  2. I absolutely love this. Great advice. I actually never thought about using paint as an example. One of the many reasons why I love visiting this website.

  3. Guys can’t stay out of it but can’t stand the odor. I guess you can’t win sometimes. Although I do wish there was a way to flush it out from the inside and we could all go get a monthly flushing or something. Just another thing to add on to monthly bikini waxes. It’s not an easy job being a woman, we do so much to please men! Great advice as always.

  4. This is great advice and since little children love to paint and mix colors I believe she’ll quickly get the concept. This advice is worth sharing among parents with multiracial children. Schools do not educate children on race or its effect, so the responsibility of parents’ to teach their kids.

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