Cameron Silver Launches “Decades: A Century of Fashion” Book

Decades owner Cameron Silver (L) and Dita Von Teese

Stars gathered at Chateau Marmont’s Bar Marmont in Hollywood, California on Friday evening (October 19, 2012) for Cameron Silver’s ‘Decades: A Century of Fashion’ book party hosted by Marina B.

Dita Von Teese along with Marina B diamonds, threw Cameron Silver a dinner at Chateau Marmont for his book “Decades: A Century of Fashion.” True to Silver’s jet-setting ways, it was part of a whirlwind book tour that has already seen Augusta, Georgia, New York, Berlin and Toronto, and has at least eight more stops to go.

Vintage fan HRH Princess of Saxony Marie-Luise Von Sachsen, who met Silver at the Berlin book party she attended with Max Kibardin, was so taken she decided to jet to Los Angeles for the next party. But the hometown dinner was meaningful because Decades’ loyal Hollywood ladies Liz Goldwyn, Shiva Rose, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kristin Davis and Marisa Tomei were all in attendance, as were Silver’s parents.

“My father is wearing his good teeth tonight,” said Silver, whose mother took one look at her son’s red velvet cape and said, “It’s a bit early for Halloween.”

Tomei, who is featured in the coffee-table book, said: “Cameron was really kind to me. I normally hate photos of me, but he chose one that I love, in a vintage Dior gown that I loved.”

As he urged guests to go home and read their first editions (the book is already in its second printing after one week in release) and post reviews, Jennifer Tilly jokingly called out, “First edition? EBay here I come!”

Who is Cameron Silver?

Decades owner Cameron SilverCameron Silver is the owner of Decades, a boutique with locations in Los Angeles and London. He is also the founder and Creative Director of Decades Denim. Any discussion of modern fashion inevitably leads to Cameron Silver.

He is widely recognized for his impact on runway trends from fashion’s new generation of designers in New York and Paris, and the way a constellation of Hollywood’s brightest appear on the red carpet.

Since he opened the doors of his Melrose Avenue vintage salon, Decades, in 1997, the dress code in Los Angeles has irrevocably changed due, in large part, to Silver exhorting his frequently-photographed, trendsetting clientele to “dress up!”

So influential is Silver’s effect, that a “Decades look” has emerged—modern, sexy, unstudied, individual and always glamorous. It blends vintage with contemporary, and the results are never a flashback. Since he was named one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion” in 2002, Silver’s footprint is recognizable even among those who have never walked into Decades. It is seen on women as far away as Dubai or Moscow or Tokyo, who regularly snap up a couture gown or one-off necklace online at the Decades e-commerce site.

Ever one to do the unexpected, Silver, and his with his business partner and muse Angelique Soave, announced a new venture in summer 2010 – Decades Denim. With sleek yet functional designs, Decades Denim reflects the same respect Silver has for collectible 20th century fashion, and translates his incredible sense of style and knowledge of fashion history to create a line that is both timeless and on-trend.

In contrast to the high-end vintage pieces the Decades brand has been synonymous, Silver defines the new line as streamlined American minimalism, perfect for matching with a simple t-shirt or a couture blazer. The line launched for Holiday 2010 with eleven styles – the Denim Trousseau. Named after iconic women in modern culture, and buoyed by the fantastic response from retailers, Decades Denim has expanded into a full women’s collection for Spring 2011. Silver is confident that Decades Denim will become a global luxury brand.

“I think of fashion, of dressing, as art. I’m not about disposable shopping. Even my day wear is glamour,” Silver shrugs, at his feet, the bespoke “Cameron” bag Hermes created for him.

Decades BookHis effervescent approach has made him a favorite pundit on E! Entertainment, the Style Network and “Fashion File.” and he has written about luxury, from shopping to travel to his front row perch at the haute couture presentations, for Harpers Bazaar (UK), C Magazine, Departures,, and others.

Today, with more than a decade of Decades under his alligator belt, Silver launched a coffee table book for Bloomsbury showcasing an unexpected compilation of the most significant 20th century fashions, as well as many of the celebrities he collaborated with over the years.

Celebrities at the Decades book launch:

Biracial actress Ashley Madekwe of British Caucasian/African (Nigerian) with Cameron SilverActress Ashley Madekwe (L) and Decades owner Cameron SilverBiracial actress Ashley MadekweAshley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe 2Ashley Madekwe (L) and Patrick HerningAshley Madekwe (L) and Patrick HerningBiracial actress Tracee Ellis Ross of Caucasian and African-American descentTracee Ellis rossPeggy Moffitt (L) and Tracee Ellis RossPeggy Moffitt (L) and Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis ross 2Tracee Ellis Ross (L) and Jeff SnyderTracee Ellis Ross (L) and Jeff Snyder(L-R) Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Liz Goldwyn, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and Kristin Davis(L-R) Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Liz Goldwyn, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, and Kristin Davis 2(L-R) Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Liz Goldwyn, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and Kristin Davis(L-R) Tracee Ellis Ross, Marisa Tomei, Liz Goldwyn, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, and Kristin DavisCharlotte OlympiaCharlotte OlympiaChristine ChiuChristine Chiu(L-R) Kristin Davis, Cameron Silver, and Dita Von Teese(L-R) Kristin Davis, Cameron Silver, and Dita Von TeeseElizabeth Stewart, Christos Garkinos, and Ashley MadekweElizabeth Stewart, Christos Garkinos, and Ashley Madekwe


4 thoughts on “Cameron Silver Launches “Decades: A Century of Fashion” Book

  1. So this is Charlotte Olympia? Is Cameron Silver launching a book or receiving his PhD? Everyone looks nice. I’m convinced Dita Von Teese isn’t human. How else do we explain her youthful looks.

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