African-American Women On Interracial Dating: Is It Love?

IMG_2343_1A few weeks ago, I read an article written by author and blogger Demetria Lucas. In the article she articulated how she had encountered quite a few African-American women who expressed their preference for Caucasian men. She went on to say that, although she understood that women are entitled to having preferences, she didn’t understand what the sudden phenomenon with Caucasian men was among African-American women.

I too have encountered several other bloggers and motivational speakers on social media outlets who have started movements encouraging African-American women to pursue alternative options in dating. While, I think sparking the interest of women to think outside the box, or in this case, draw outside the lines, there should never be led to believe a particular race is superior or better than another.

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Initially, I was unmoved by their campaign until I realized, that the ‘only alternative’ to African-American men, who were ‘unwilling to settle down and marry’, ‘did not have stable employment’, ‘were notorious cheaters’, etc was a Caucasian man.

While, KolorBlind Magazine, promotes diversity in relationships, our mission is NEVER to enforce the dating of other races upon anyone. Although love is most beautiful in different shades and colors, it should never be forced!

interrac3I agree with Lucas, writer of the article, that there are flaws in men of all races/ethnic groups, and to choose a particular race/ethnic group over another based on their skin tone is ludicrous. While there are men of African-American, African, Hispanic, European, American, Asian descent who all make great boyfriends and husbands, there are men among them who will not meet those standards.

To passionately or aggressively pursue a relationship with a man based on his race and not his personality or character is blatantly wrong. That type of relationship is bound to collapse before it even begins. I have not seen this type of mentality or thought process among women of other races, so the preference among African-American women must be based on influence.

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You may be thinking, but why is this writer trying to discourage me from dating outside my race? This article is not written to DISCOURAGE you, this is merely pointing out that here at KolorBlind Magazine, we only encourage interracial/interethnic relationships that are motivated out of love, for love and by love. If your reasons are borderline narcissistic, then this is not the relationship path for you.

If there is a problem with certain African-American men, perhaps the solution lies not necessarily with Caucasian men. Perhaps the solution lies within the African-American community and needs to be addressed sooner than later.

Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin 5

Naomi Campbell with boyfriend Vlad Doronin
Motivator: LOVE not RACE!

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with preferring men of Caucasian race or of another race/ethnicity, the motives for such relationships should always be LOVE. There is no such thing as a perfect man/woman or relationship!

While, it may seem attractive to be in a relationship with a man/woman of a different skin tone, that alone will not guarantee a healthy and lasting relationship.

We regularly feature celebrities of different races and ethnicities who are in relationships with men/women of another race/ethnicity to showcase that love can come in any skin tone and culture, and to encourage those are afraid of being stigmatized by society, that there are other couples like them out there.

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This effort however, is not to manipulate men/women into thinking men/women belong with men/women of a certain race/ethnic group. Love needs to be the motivating factor/foundation behind every relationship and in order to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship, virtues, character, morals and values needs to be the guiding principles.

So, before you jump on the ‘interracial wagon”, evaluate your motives!


19 thoughts on “African-American Women On Interracial Dating: Is It Love?

  1. This is very interesting. I had no idea African-American women felt this way towards Caucasian men. I hope women read this!!!

  2. This is extremely interesting. I have come across a few websites however, but I had no idea it was becoming a motivator.

  3. This is very true. Dating someone based on their race is like saying you enjoy a certain brand of potato chips because it’s expensive but not because it taste’ good. Like you’ve rightfully said, love should be the motivator.

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  18. is it racist to only date inside your race. i have never been attracted to white men or any man of other cultures. Black men rock! I am just not attracted to other cultures of men.
    A happy black women

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