Tyra Banks presents ‘Flawsome Ball’

What is TZone?

TZONE was born in 1999 when Tyra, passionate about inspiring girls to believe in themselves and take control of their lives, launched the TZONE camps. The camps provided a “Tyra style” leadership and empowerment program which gave teen girls a unique, week-long overnight camp experience held outside of LA, where Tyra personally lived among and bonded with the campers.

TZONE’s mission was to reinforce positive values and encourage girls to resist social pressures through a fierce, self-esteem building adventure. With a desire to reach more girls nationally, in 2005 TZONE transformed into a public charity – the Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation – with a mission that honors the camp origins seeking to create a larger “sisterhood” among girls and young women.

Tyra Banks up close

Model Tyra Banks – founder of TZone

Today, Tyra Banks has partnered with The Lower Eastside Girls club to create TZONE, a youth development program within the new LEGSGC center. TZONE will support girls ages 8-18 through the powerfully transformative time of transition to adulthood. TZONE’s goal is to give priority to prevention, rather than intervention. Each girl is treated as an individual with pure potential and unlimited development possibilities.

Together in partnership with the Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for Community (LESGC), TZONE aspires to help raise essential funds to support the development of a new facility which will serve hundreds of girls in the New York City community.

In 2013, LESGC will open their NEW state-of-the-art, sustainable Center for Community which will allow the expansion of programs, integration of co-educational services as well as job training, health and community support.

Additionally, through the partnership between The Tyra Banks TZONE and The Lower Eastside Girls Club pre-teen and teen girls will have the opportunity to follow a specialized curriculum that address the whole girl, building self-confidence by providing skills, knowledge and opportunity at critical developmental times of adolescence.

The organization

The Tyra Banks TZONE at the Lower Eastside Girls Club will be a leadership development center within the Girls Club. Through a rich mix of career development workshops, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, financial literacy initiatives and community-wide events, hundreds of preteens and teens will build self-esteem, achieve greatness in their lives, and prepare for life as entrepreneurs and change-makers in the world.

Tyra Banks (C) poses for pictures with girls from the TZONE foundationTyra Banks (C) poses for pictures with girls from the TZONE foundation

Tyra Banks (C) poses for pictures with girls from the TZONE foundation 2

The Flawsome Ball


Adolescence, the pre-teen and teen years, are the most complex developmental years in a contemporary girl’s life – terrifying, turbulent, and terrific all at once. It’s a time when girls’ bodies, families, friends, schools and community are demanding growth and change.

For many inner-city girls living in poverty, low self-esteem, disengagement from school, pervasive community violence, risky behaviors, and sexual experimentation become the hallmarks of a trip down a slippery personal slope from which recovery is often difficult. The Tyra Banks TZONE at the LESGC will offer girls a world filled with hope, opportunity, and possibility for the future.

This year’s Flawsome Ball took place on October 18 at Capitale in New York City. Music was provided by Grammy nomiated rapper Drake and food by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.

Model/media personality Tyra BanksTyra Banks strikes a poseRob Evans (L) and model/media personality Tyra BanksRob Evans (L) and model media personality Tyra Banks

Rob Evans (L) and model media personality Tyra Banks 2Tyra Banks and Rosario DawsonTyra Banks and Rosario DawsonCNN Journalist Soledad O’BrienSoledad O'BrienSinger Estellesinger EstelleActress Rosario DawsonRosario DawsonRicky Kenig (L) and Tyra BanksRicky Kenig (L) and Tyra BanksModel/media personality Padma Lakshmi Padma LakshmiNancy Josephson (L) and model/media personality Tyra BanksNancy Josephson (L) and model media personality Tyra BanksModels Chanel Iman and Tyra Banksmodels Chanel Iman and Tyra BanksModels and television personalities Tyra Banks (L) and Padma LakshmiModels and television personalities Tyra Banks (L) and Padma LakshmiModel Chanel Imanmodel Chanel Imanllegra Leguizamo with father actor John Leguizamollegra Leguizamo and father actor John LeguizamoKen Mok (L) and Tyra BanksKen Mok (L) and Tyra BanksIsabel Dawson (L) and daughter actress Rosario DawsonIsabel Dawson (L) and daughter actress Rosario DawsonGayle King strikes a poseGayle King

For additional information or to sponsor Tyra Banks TZONE, LESGC, please contact (212) 684-1110, email tyra@flawsomeball.org or visit the T-Zone website.


6 thoughts on “Tyra Banks presents ‘Flawsome Ball’

  1. This is beautiful and such a noble cause. I’m glad Tyra is into philanthropy. It will encourage others. A lot of girls watch ANTM and are extremely self conscious of their looks and bodies, so for her to start such an organization is noteworthy.

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