Pasta Around The World

Common lore has Marco Polo bringing pasta west from China in the 13th century. Truth be told, forms of pasta and noodles have existed in not just in Asia, but in Europe and the Middle East for a very long time.

These days, the word “pasta” usually means the Italian type made with durum wheat semolina. Other pastas are made with buckwheat or whole wheat flour. The Chinese make noodles using wheat and rice flour, and even mung bean starch, sweet potato starch and millet.

Check out these pasta dishes from around the world.


Ants Climbing a Tree (Chinese cellophane noodles with ground pork)

Ants climbing a tree (má yǐ shàng shù) is a Szechuan dish that gets its name from the resemblance of the small pieces of pork to ants on noodle “branches.” Because it is easy and cheap to make, ants climbing trees is a traditional favorite of Chinese college students. Click here for the recipe.

Bún Thịt Nướng (Vietnamese rice noodles with bbq pork and vegetables)

Bun thit nuong is a simple meal from Vietnam consisting of cold rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and topped with hot barbecued pork. Served with nuoc cham sauce, it is a good summer dish — light, lowfat, healthy and cool. Click here for the recipe.

Char Kway Teow (Malaysian Singaporean stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp)

Char kway teow, which means “fried flat noodles,” is a popular and cheap dish found in Malaysia and Singapore. Hearty and filling, it started out as a poor laborer’s meal. Over time its popularity has spread. Click here for the recipe. 


Couscous (North African steamed pasta grains)

Couscous is a commonly served type of pasta in the region of Northwest Africa known as the Maghreb. In typical Maghreb cooking, couscous is cooks in the top part of a pot known as a couscousière. The bottom part holds a stew, or tagine, whose simmering vapors steam and flavor the couscous. Click here for the recipe. 

Waakye (Ghanian rice & beans with spaghetti)

Waakye is a very popular West African Ghanaian food. It is often eaten as breakfast or launch, and sold by vendors on the streets of big and small cities alike in Ghana. It is made boiling rice and beans together and topped with spaghetti. Some may include tomatoes, chilli pepper, other spicy ingredients and fish, prawn or meat. Click here for the recipe. 


Csipetke (Hungarian pinched noodles)

Csipetke (chip-ET-keh) are one of the many varieties of simple noodles or dumplings found in Hungarian cooking. They are often dropped directly to simmering soups and stews to cook and are a common addition to bográcsgulyás. Click here for the recipe. 

Pasta alla Puttanesca (Italian pasta with tomatoes, olives and capers)

Puttana is the Italian word for “whore,” and legend has it that this dish was used by Neapolitan ladies of the night to entice potential clients to sample their other offerings. It’s a simple, straightforward dish with bold Mediterannean flavors. Click here for the recipe.


Spaghetti and Meatballs (American Italian pasta with meatballs)

Spaghetti and meatballs has been a favorite of the Italian-American community since immigrants from southern Italy first arrived on U.S. shores early in the 20th century. Although the dish is no longer made in Puglia and Sicily, its popularity continues in the United States and has spread to the population at large. Click here for the recipe.

Macaroni and Cheese (American pasta with cheese)

Macaroni and cheese is an old American favorite dating back almost to the time of the American Revolution. Always a Southern favorite, its popularity really took off after Kraft® introduced a boxed version in the 1930s.

Kraft’s version became so popular that some people now prefer their packaged to the homemade. We still think homemade is best. Click here for the recipe. 


Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu (Australian Pasta)

A simple, rustic pasta dish of pappardelle with lamb ragu. In this recipe, lamb shoulder is slowly braised with tomatoes and peppers until it becomes tender and then served with fresh pappardelle noodles. Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad (New Zealand Pasta)

Perfect in summer or winter, the roasted vegetable pasta salad is easy to make and a nutritious and delicious comfort food. Click here for the recipe. 


Jerk Pasta (Jamaican Pasta)

Jerk Chicken and Pasta is a passionately spicy Jamaican-style dish that when tempered correctly will tantalize even the most fire-fearing palate! Click here for the recipe. 

Caribbean Pasta with Shrimp

A sweet, tangy, spicy shrimp dish. You can prepare the sauces ahead of time and refrigerate. Click here for the recipe. 


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  1. I hope this does not make me sound ignorant but I had no idea pasta was eaten all around the world. This is very interesting.

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