Interracial Relationship Advice: Should I Ask Him Out?

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Hey there, my name is Sujatha and I’m an American-born Indian. Even though my parents tried their best to raise us the traditional Indian way, my siblings and I are very American. I’ve been attracted to men of different races for a while, but have been too shy to admit it. Long story short, I ride the train to work daily and there’s a man who rides the same train. We’ve made eye contact a lot but we’ve never talked.

Should I ask him out? What’s the best way to get him to speak to me? I’m very positive he likes me because he sometimes smiles at me. Or is this a case of me fantasizing and misconstruing his signals? Either way I need your help as I’ve never dated outside my race before.

P.S. I love your website.

Hi Sujatah,

Thanks for liking the site! Do I foresee an interracial relationship about to happen? If you guys have never talked before, there could be two reasons:

  1. He sees you as a fellow commuter and doesn’t want to overstep his bounds
  2. He might not know you’re single and most importantly that you are open to dating interracially

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go up to him and just say something like:

“Hey, I notice we take the same train in the mornings. Where do you work? Do you have coffee breaks, maybe we can grab coffee together some time.” [even though I didn’t leave space for a response it is to be assumed he’ll respond first before you continue with the conversation]

If he’s remotely interested, he’ll take you up on your offer for coffee. Grabbing coffee is not a ‘date’ so he won’t read any meaning into it. This is one way to get the both of you talking. I DO NOT want you asking him out however. Do you understand?!

Good luck!

P.S. Sujatha used the Contact Us form. You can too should you need interracial relationship advice.


23 thoughts on “Interracial Relationship Advice: Should I Ask Him Out?

  1. Finally I agree with this advice. Just kidding…I think I only disagreed once. Great advice as always.

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