Music Spotlight: Lakoda Rayne

Have you met Lakoda Rayne yet? If you watched the 2011 X-Factor USA premiere then you’ll remember the group Music Talent Producer Simon Cowell put together. The four ladies entered the competition individually with the hopes of becoming the next big star.

During the competition, the talent producer felt it best if they collaborated as a group and he was right. The melodic harmony of Ladoka Rayne is proof that groups are still relevant in today’s music world. Lakoda Rayne = Lakoda means allies, friendship and unity and Rayne is for blessings from above.

Their musical talent

Cari Fletcher, Dani Knights and Hayley Orrantia soared through the final twelve during the X-Factor competition under the leaadership and guidance of Paula Abdul and were able to find synchronization in their vocals. As stated by Paula Abdul, the group have a lot of similarities to the Dixie Chicks.

Lakoda Rayne - Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Jack And Jill" - ArrivalsThe ladies from Lakoda Rayne’s musical style is a combination of country and pop. Although they lost a member a while back, they have been focusing heavily on their music and recently released a single titled ‘Emergency Brake‘.

Their goal is to continue in their journey of life through their music and their message to inspire young women around the world to reach for their dreams. All three ladies have been working for half their young lives to develop their talent through training and performing.

Song Sampling

Take a listen below to a few of their songs and don’t forget to support the group by purchasing the new single online. This has been music spotlight: Lakoda Rayne.

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