KolorBlind Couple of the Month (October ’12): Connie Chung & Maury Povich

This month’s KolorBlind couple are Connie Chung and Maury Povich. Mr & Mrs Povich have been married for 28 years and have three (3) children between them. Both Maury and Connie are a household name in America. With Povich starting and trademarking a trend in daytime television with The Maury Povich Show and Chung’s successful career as a News Anchor and Reporter, these two are forever engraved in the minds of Americans.

Not only is their love one to be admired, their passion for entertaining and bringing life into the homes of millions on a daily basis is a great example of what it means to be KolorBlind.

If you are in a KolorBlind relationship and you’ve been told it cannot work, you have the Povich’ to look up to. 28 years in a high-profile marriage is equivalent to 50 years of marriage for the average couple.  Although their schedules are extremely hectic, they have been able to support each other’s careers and continue to keep their flame of love burning.

Maury and Connie have set a trend for love that draws outside the lines. This couple embodies dedication and hardwork. Might I add that Connie’s beauty is ageless! At 66 years of age, she looks great.  I think she is one of the few women who have discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Here’s wishing you many more wonderful years together. You’re an inspiration to all KolorBlind men and women out there. Keep the flame burning!

For more information on the Povich’ visit www.mauryshow.com/ and Connie Chung.


6 thoughts on “KolorBlind Couple of the Month (October ’12): Connie Chung & Maury Povich

  1. I really love what you’re doing with the online magazine. This is so encouraging to me. Thank you. By the way, Connie is beautiful. I wish them well. 28 years is impressive.

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