KolorBlind Spotlight: Paul Wall … rapping the KolorBlind life!

rapper, paul wall, singer, hip-hop, rapMeet Paul Michael Slayton aka Paul Wall, rapper, actor, DJ, music promoter, KolorBlind husband and father. To those who listen to rap music or are fans of different genres of music, Paul Wall is no stranger.

The Houston, Texas born and raised rapper placed Houston, Texas on the map of American Rap Music and has shown no signs of slowing down.

He is currently affiliated with Swishahouse Records, having released several albums under the label as well as collaborating with other rappers signed to the label.  In 2005, he was signed to Atlantic Records and became successful with his major-label debut ‘The Peoples Champ’, ‘Get Money’ and ‘Stay True‘ followed in 2007.

Other Ventures

In addition to music and music promotion, this rapper is well known as a Jewelry Designer, particularly for the makes of ‘diamond grillz‘ (diamond-studded retainers) worn by some of the most famous rappers such as Kanye West, Lil’ Jon, Baby, Lil’ Wayne and most recent Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Music Career

To date the rapper has released five rap albums and two collaboration albums, has won three Ozone Awards and has been nominated for one Grammy Award for the rap song ‘Grillz’ in 2007:

Collaboration albums

Family Life

Although rappers are synonymous with being fearless and hardcore, this rapper is a loving and devoted husband and father. One of his biggest accomplishments in life came about when he married his wife Crystal in 2006. The union has been blessed with two children, William Patrick Slayton born in 2006 and daughter Noelle Slayton born in 2007.

The Slaytons or as they are known to the world ‘The Walls’ conquered one of their biggest struggles in 2010/11 when Paul underwent an extreme diet and gastric sleeve surgery, resulting in over 100lbs of weight loss. Crystal followed suit in 2011 by losing over 30lbs by taking Zumba classes.

This is one couple that is extremely health conscious and all about living the healthy and heart-conscious life. Crystal has devoted her time to remaining healthy and teaches weekly Zumba classes to both men and women who are committed  to losing weight. She is quoted as saying:

“I just hate the idea of running on the treadmill. After I had children, I gained 100 pounds with my first child and couldn’t shake that weight off, she said of her battle. “I started Zumba last October” She said, “I would go twice a week, and I found myself being addicted to it. It’s like going to a party every day for an hour.”

To celebrate their weigh loss goals, they couple unveiled a Bonnie & Clyde 40’s theme photoshoot by Beauty In Art Photography:

Paul, you are a great example of a caring and nurturing father, wonderful husband, and is a role model for the KolorBlind family. Thank you for all you’ve done, all you continue to do and the musical legacy that will outlive you.

Don’t you just love this couple (family)? They are great role models for those looking to start an interracial relationship or are currently in one. Love knows no bounds and sees no color! Wishing the Slaytons peace, health, and continued success in everything they do. 


One thought on “KolorBlind Spotlight: Paul Wall … rapping the KolorBlind life!

  1. This is one rapper I admire. He’s a cool guy. I’m still surprised he’s not gotten more recognition in the industry.

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