Another Way to Get Kids to Eat


I’m hungry. The kids just ate but I neglected to make something for myself. As usual. I look in the fridge and grab a cucumber. Sliced cucumber with salt and vinegar. Yum. This has always been one of my favorite snacks.

(In case you are new to the brilliance of this snack, you slice a cucumber, put vinegar on it and put salt on it. Then you eat it.)

As I’m cutting the cucumber, the kids come over and ask what I’m making:2012-09-14-cucumber1.gifActually, only Crappy Boy asks what I’m making. Crappy Baby reaches up and tries to get his fingers cut off with the knife.

I tell them what I’m making:2012-09-14-cucumber2.gifThey immediately start complaining. I start to walk away but the complaining follows me.2012-09-14-cucumbe3.gifThey don’t want it! They don’t like it! I have a smug look on my face because I don’t care.

I don’t care because: 2012-09-14-cucumber3.gifOH SNAP! You see what I did there? I pulled the rug out from under their complaints.

Their whining has no meaning!2012-09-14-cucumber4.gifScore one for the mama!

Hold on…2012-09-14-cucumber5.gifMake that score two for the mama!

Oh, in case you aren’t using the same scoring system, I scored two points because I got them to stop whining (one point) and also because they ate a green food (one point). However, it has come to my attention that this scoring system is under debate. Some feel that green food consumption is worth as much as five points. Apologies for any inaccuracies in the scoring system used.

Matt Damon explains his approach

“I’m a terrible cook, but I do a little bit of it at home,” Damon, 41, tells PEOPLE at New York’s Cooking Live fundraiser, held Tuesday and benefiting the Family Reach Foundation. “I’m relegated to kids’ fare and I can make more of the functional stuff.”

Case in point? A favorite dish the Elysium actor frequently makes for daughters Isabella, 6, Gia, 4, and Stella, 23 months, as well as Alexia, 14, only contains three ingredients.

“I cook pasta with butter and steam broccoli,” says Damon. “It’s all about getting enough healthy food in front of them every three hours.”

The trick to vegetables, the Oscar winner says, is that “it’s all about starting early.”

“My wife [Luciana] and I introduced it to them at a very young age and they just don’t know any different,” he admits. “Luckily, I found out all three of my youngest girls love broccoli. There are times where I can’t get them to eat protein or a little piece of fish because they are going crazy over the broccoli. Sometimes they’re the ones bribing me to eat more of my vegetables.”

Especially when it’s Brussels sprouts being served — Damon doesn’t like the taste.

“That was always a tough one for me — and I was never crazy about cauliflower either,” he shares. “But I grew up eating a lot of salad. My mother made a salad with every single meal we had, so I was raised thinking that’s how you eat. It’s a good balance that I’m trying to teach to my own kids.”

Credit: HuffPost/Amber Dusick/People



One thought on “Another Way to Get Kids to Eat

  1. Such great methods. It’s really tough getting kids to eat right. I’m glad you posted this. This ought to help a lot of parents. Thanks!

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