Top Interracial Websites

If you’ve ever conducted a search for an interracial website online, I’m sure your search results have been inundated with interracial dating sites and sites claiming to provide tips on interracial dating. A lot of these sites are not genuine, and what’s missing are the websites devoted to:

  • Information on Interracial Relationships
  • Information on Multiracial Parenting
  • Information on Interracial Couples
  • Advice on Interracial Dating
  • Information on Multicultural families, etc…

There are sites in existence devoted and dedicated to the above topics and more, I’m  not sure why Google doesn’t crawl them to the top or why Google associates a search for “interracial” with dating sites.

The following list is a handful of sites that I guarantee are genuine and will provide you with the resource you need for the ‘interracial life’. Let’s see if this list makes it to the top of the “interracial” search results so readers have the information they need right away.

KolorBlind Magazine

A website dedicated to the equality & acceptance of all races/ethnicities; the promotion of the Interracial (KolorBlind) life through culture, fashion, language and food..

Beyond Black & White

A website dedicated to Chronicles, Musings and Debates about Interracial & Intercultural Relationships.

Interracial Intersection

A community site dedicated to interracial relationships.

Just Like Me Couples

A website dedicated to showcasing couples that are ‘just like me and my husband’ with photographs and stories on the couples.


A collaborative weblog discussing media coverage of the multiracial community.

White Guys Who Love Black Women

A website dedicated to the beauty of black women and their stories as it relates to interracial relationships.

Multicultural Familia

A multi-author platform and online magazine that is dedicated to empowering and making visible the new modern American family. Their aim is to promote open and honest discussions about the conversations that are most important to multicultural families.

Daily Multiracial

A daily journal of multiracial, biracial, mixed race, and multiethnic individuals (famous, noteworthy, interesting).

Mixed Race America

A website dedicated to the thoughts, musings and observations about race in America, particularly the mixing of race.

Loving Day

A website dedicated to the ‘Loving Day’ which fights racial prejudice through education and builds multicultural community. It’s a global network of annual celebrations that can be hosted or attended. It’s also an educational campaign that everyone can be a part of.

Mixed in Different Shades

A website dedicated to exploring the history and experiences of inter-racial relationships and mixed heritage.

Check out the sites by clicking on each hyperlink (you’ll be directed to the website). They each provide information on what it’s like to be in an interracial/interethnic relationship, how couples have maintained their love amidst prejudice, how to parent the multiracial/multicultural way, and other resource on events and meetings…


9 thoughts on “Top Interracial Websites

  1. hey, thanks for the ping back! great site you have here 🙂 as someone in an interracial relationship myself i love seeing websites like this! I actually use to blog about it before on my old website (

    are you familiar with ? I came across it awhile back and whereas the blog isn’t really updated anymore, their fb page is the most beautiful thing ever!

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