BEWARE! MAY plagiarize your article!

Dear fellow Blogger/Magazine Publisher,

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about how plagiarized my list article. Well, after I was unsuccessful contacting them via the email address posted on their website, I sought to publish a blog post and share on Twitter. I also included a few of their advertisers and partners in the tweet.

A few minutes later, responded and stated:

They quickly added a tiny link that currently states: “VIA: KolorBlind”. When I requested they provide a link such as:

“To view the full gallery of Longest Interracial Marriages, click here…”

I was told: “we are not advertising for you!”

Who asked them to advertise for me? All I wanted was proper credit. If you are a blogger or magazine publisher, don’t repost/publish or use data if you are not willing to adequately reference the source; or as is in this case if you are not going to reference the source AT ALL.

I’m upset at the way they handled the situation, because my intent was never to fight or argue with them. If I had not caught the link of the list article, they would have NEVER credited KolorBlind Mag.

This is just a warning and an account of my experience with Beware, they might plagiarize your article next.

Thanks for reading,

KolorBlind Magazine


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