Interracial Relationship Advice: Can you give me ideas for an African Interracial wedding?


My name’s Sandra and I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks. I read somewhere that you’re part African. My boyfriend and I…well he’s my fiancée now are getting married soon and I would love an African-themed wedding. It would be awesome to have an African-themed interracial wedding – something unique for our special day. Can you give me some ideas?Hi Sandra,

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. I’m happy for you and your fiancée. Isn’t being KolorBlind fun? There is no such thing as an African wedding. I understand this is very confusing to a lot of Americans since you can say things like ‘an American wedding’. Africa is a continent and not a country and has thousands of customs unique to each country. Each country is unique, each tribe is unique.

I’m from Nigeria and even within Nigeria there are hundreds of tribes. I can only make suggestions to customs within the Yoruba tribe (the tribe I belong to). Our weddings usually involve the following:

  • Engagement is a day or two before the wedding that involves both families coming together to know each other. The groom’s family usually comes in hand with an assortment of gifts to present to the bride’s family. There is also an array of food, music and fashion.
  • Weddings usually takes on the form of a ‘White Wedding’ but the reception and after-party are very traditional Yoruba. There is live music, changing of clothes multiple times for the bride and groom, and involves lots of dancing.

I’ll include a link to my cousin’s website Spicy Studio. She’s a wedding and lifestyle photographer. You can go through her photo gallery to get a better picture of what I just described.

Good luck with everything!

P.S. Sandra used the Contact Us form to ask for advice. You can too if you need advice.


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