Interracial Relationship Advice: I’m a white woman, he’s an African man

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My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXXX and I’ve visited your site a couple of times and like it a lot. I’m a 26 year old white woman who lives in New Jersey but works in the tri-state area (Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware). On one of my work trips to Philadelphia I met a really cute African man from Senegal. We weren’t able to talk much but we exchanged phone numbers. We’ve been talking on the phone for a while and recently decided to meet up. I’m like kinda nervous because I’ve never dated a black man before. I live in an area that’s predominantly white and my social circle is mostly white with the exception of a few Asians and Hispanics I went to college with. 

Can you give me advice on what to expect or what things I should or shouldn’t do? 


Thanks for liking the site! Dating a black man or African man shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. One, he’s a man, two, he’s a man. First, just be yourself. If you’re both attracted to each other I don’t see the need to be nervous. Engage in things that you both love to do. Even though, both of you are going to have interests that the other doesn’t like or isn’t familiar with. There might be a cultural shift if he wasn’t raised here in the U.S but I’m sure you’ll do just fine teaching him our American ways.

Senegalese are just like all their neighbors in West Africa in that they eat very spicy food. But if you’re unable to tolerate spicy food, just tell him in a polite way. One thing you don’t want to do is say his food smells or looks funny. I’ll try to do a post on some West African foods just to show you what sort of foods you might encounter.

The Senegalese people are nice and very family-oriented. The one thing I do want to point out, is that all or a large majority of Senegalese  are Muslims and are very devoted to their religion. Nothing fetish or crazy but their culture and religion are intertwined. This means they consider themselves all one family so don’t be surprised if he tells you he has several family functions to attend. Their culture is about helping one another, eating together (literally) and being there for one another.

I hope this helps you out with what to expect. Remember, true love is unselfish, is understanding, is nurturing and compromises when necessary.

Good Luck!

P.S. XXXXXX XXXXXXXX used the Contact Us form and asked that her name remain anonymous. You can too if you need advice.


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