KolorBlind Couple of the Month (September ’12): Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens

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This month’s KolorBlind couple are Shari and Sam Behrens. Mr & Mrs Behrens have been married for 23 years (1989). Shari  is the daughter of famous singer/humanitarian Harry Belafonte. Her resume includes acting, modeling, writing and singing.  Most noted however, is her role as Julie Gilette on the 1980s television series Hotel and as a spokesperson for the diet supplement Slim-Fast during the 1990s.

Sam is also an model/actor notably recognized from his role as Gregory Richards in Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach.

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It was love at first sight for this couple who met in 1989:

When Shari Belafonte first saw the film script for Murder by the Numbers, she turned it down with a quick goodbye. Then director Paul Leder asked her to read a scene with Sam Behrens, the one-time General Hospital heartthrob who was signed to play the movie’s male lead.

“I’m there to say, ‘No, thanks,’ ” recalls Belafonte, “but after I met Sam, I said, ‘We start Monday?’ “

“I feel like a whole chunk of my life has been filled in,” he says, beaming like a TV test pattern.

Although Shari was still married to film executive Bob Harper when she met Behrens, and Hollywood tabloids wasted no time pumping out BELAFONTE DUMPS HUSBAND FOR SOAP STAR headlines.

“That wasn’t how it went down. Bob and I were on the outs, and Sam expedited it,” counters Shari. “It took me 30 years to come to the realization that I’m not on Earth for somebody else. Sam was the first thing that came into my life that I said, ‘Forget what everybody else says—I want that, and I’m gonna have it.’ When I found Sam, it was like, “Gimme, gimme, gimme!’ “

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Shari credits Sam for her newfound happiness:

“”He’s taught me it’s all about having a good time. For years it wasn’t. It was about being seen and doing your best job at acting so that you don’t get laughed at and people don’t call up and say how horrible you were, and your parents don’t start telling you how much better your siblings are.”

In July 1988 Belafonte and Harper legally separated, and the following year she moved into Behrens’s Studio City condo. A year later in April, at a South Carolina shopping mall, he slipped her a ruby engagement ring surrounded by 51 diamonds (“one for every year we’ll be married,” she says confidently). Six months after their Barbados wedding, they repeated their vows under a California moon in front of 150 friends.

News Photo: Sam Behrens and wife Shari Belafonte during 8th…

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Not only is their love one to be desired, their passion for each other and the humanitarian work they are involved in,  is a perfect example of what it means to be KolorBlind.

If you currently have doubts that interracial relationships don’t last, doubt no more… as the Behrens have proven that love and longevity go hand-in-hand. This is one couple who truly live by the words “till death do us part”…

Shari who is an exact replica of her father has aged so gracefully and is still as beautiful at 58 as when we used to see her on television. I wish you many more wonderful years together. You’re an inspiration to all KolorBlind men and women out there. Keep the flame burning!

Sending some KolorBlind kisses and hugs your way XO.


3 thoughts on “KolorBlind Couple of the Month (September ’12): Shari Belafonte and Sam Behrens

  1. I remember watching Shari Belafonte on TV as a child. She still looks beautiful. Thanks for this post. I love this website.

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