KolorBlind Spotlight: Emma Bunton … baby spicing her KolorBlind life!

Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton claimed fame when she joined the 1990s group the Spice Girls as the youngest member of one of Britain’s legendary all-girl group which earned her the nickname.

Baby Spice is all grown up now and is mother to two cute little boys. Although the group went their separate ways, they have all independently been successful in their various endeavors. Emma has been busy with radio and television appearances and joined her co-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham in the world of fashion. This woman is all about spicing up her life.

The Spicy KolorBlind queen recently got engaged to her boyfriend of several years and father of her two children, Tate Lee Jones – former R&B singer turned chef. The couple’s two boys 5 year old Beau Lee Jones and 1 year old Tate Lee Jones have helped solidify their relationship.

The British Catalog company Argos recently announced that it would be collaborating on a celebrity clothing range for the first time since their launch and they enlisted the fashion expertise of none other than our Spicy KolorBlind queen Bunton.

The former Spice Girl Emma Bunton will design a 99-piece collection of baby and childrens wear, to be modelled in part by her five-year-old son, Beau Lee Jones. Being a fashionable mother of two will surely come in handy to design clothes that are fun, fashionable  and comfortable for both boys and girls to wear.

Although Emma is a British native and resident, the Spice Girls are adored worldwide and this KolorBlind woman continues to make waves. Wishing you and your family much success in all your endeavors Emma. Xo.


2 thoughts on “KolorBlind Spotlight: Emma Bunton … baby spicing her KolorBlind life!

  1. I love Emma but I don’t know why I’ve never seen pictures of her kids before. They are so adorable. Genetics sure does has a sense of humor. When a biracial person has a child with a white person their kids turn out WHITE. I love this. Thanks.

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