Music Spotlight: Stacy Francis


Meet Stacy Francis known to many as the former X-Factor USA contestant with the powerhouse voice. Her vocals had America jumping up and down in their living rooms during the 1st season of the X-Factor, unfortunately, she didn’t win the competition. However, both Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger who served as judges at the competition were taken by her talent.

However, there’s a saying that ‘winners are loser and losers are winners’. That quote couldn’t be more applicable to this beautiful woman with an exceptional voice. She did not let the decision of voting Americans deter her from her course as she is currently working on her 1st solo album.

Stacy Francis is a 43 year old biracial American vocalist. She was born in New York to a Italian-American father and an African-American mother. Her vocal range is reminiscent of what we don’t hear too often in the music world. When you first listen to her sing, you are immediately reminded of Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and the likes. This talented vocalist became known to the public eye during the X-Factor audition, however, she was a star before then.

News Photo: Stacy Francis and Simon Cowell attend the Pepsi…She was a member of a band ‘Ex Girlfriends’ which consisted of Monica Boyd, Julia Roberson and Tisha Hunter. They were signed to Reprise Records and released two studio albums, however the band disbanded in 1994.

During the audition that held at Nicole Scherzinger’s home, she blew the America audience away when she sang her version of Prince’s Purple Rain. The audition was mind-blowing and had people in tears in their homes. Listen to a clip below:

‘Purple Rain’ will forever be remembered by Francis’ rendition although Prince didn’t do too bad a job. This beautiful and talented vocalist is currently in the process of recording her 1st solo studio album and has released ‘Purple Rain’ as a studio version.

Purple Rain – studio version 

Support Stacy Francis in her solo pursuit by purchasing her two singles on iTunes. You won’t regret it. Her voice is impeccable. Music Spotlight: Stacy Francis…

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