Longest Interracial/Interethnic Marriages: True Love Never Dies

Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord,Why Don’t We? We All Know That People Are The Same Where Ever We Go There Is Good And Bad In Ev’ryone, We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give Each Other What We Need To Survive Together Alive.

Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord Why Don’t We? Ebony, Ivory Living In Perfect Harmony Ebony,Ivory, Ooh We All Know That People Are The Same Where Ever We Go There Is Good And Bad In Ev’ryone, We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give Each Other What We Need To Survive Together Alive.

Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord Why Don’t We? Ebony, Ivory Living In Perfect Harmony (Repeat And Fade) Lyrics by Sir Paul McCartney and Legend Stevie Wonder

Although the song says Ebony & Ivory, all interrace/interethnic relationships should learn to live together in perfect harmony like the following couples on the list of longest interracial/interethnic marriages: true love never dies. They have all experienced the ups and downs of marriage but have worked through them. They are great examples of marital bliss.

Harry Belafonte & Julie Robinson ~ 50 years

Harry and Julie married in 1957 and have been happily married since.  This was Harry’s second marriage; his first marriage was also to a Caucasian woman. Two of Harry’s four children are also interracially married: Shari and David.

To be married 50 years in today’s world is unimaginable, however the Belafonte marriage collapsed in 2007. The same year he married Pamela Frank. Belafonte however has instilled longevity into his children’s lives which is particularly evident in the lives of Shari and David.

Check out Shari and David Belafonte’s profile in the list below. What a beautiful KolorBlind family. 

Leslie Uggams & Grahame Pratt ~ 47 years

Leslie Uggams married Australian businessman Grahame Pratt in 1965. They have been happily married since. Their actress daughter Danielle married actor Keith Chambers in 2002 and continued the interracial trend. leslie uggams and husband

Yoko Ono & John Lennon ~ (11 yrs) 43 years

Yoko and John first met in 1965 when Ono was in London compiling original musical scores for a book John Cage was working on called Notations. Sir Paul McCartney declined to give her any of his own manuscripts, but suggested that Lennon might oblige.

When asked, Lennon gave Ono the original handwritten lyrics to “The Word”. They married in 1969 and were happily married until the fateful incident that took John’s life in December 1980.

If John were still alive today, they would have been married a total of 43 years.

Wendy Lee & Senator Phil Gramm ~ 42 years

Dr. Wendy Lee and Senator Phil Gramm met in 1969 when the future senator was a professor of economics at Texas A&M University. He interviewed her for a job at the school.

“As a single member of the faculty, I’d be very interested in having you come to Texas A&M,” she quotes him as saying at the time.

Mrs. Gramm recalled her initial response to his subsequent marriage proposal: “Yuck”. SenatorPhil Gramm persisted with his proposal thankfully which led to their 1970 union.

Michael & Shakira Caine ~ 39 years

Michael met actress/model Shakira after he saw her appearing in a Maxwell House coffee commercial and a friend gave him her telephone number. They have been married since 1973. Michael Caine Actor Michael Caine (R) and his wife Shakira Caine attend the world premiere of "The Dark Knight" at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - IMAX on July 14, 2008 in New York City.

Joanna Shimkus & Sidney Poitier ~ 36 years

Sidney first met his actress wife in 1969 in Paris and they started dating. They later got married in 1976. The Poitier’ maintain a low-profile outside of their humanitarian activities.

Donna Summer & Bruce Sudano ~ 32 years

Disco Queen Donna Summer (RIP) met her husband Bruce in 1978, while working on the hit track, “Heaven Knows”. Within a few months, they have become a couple and tied the knot in 1980. They were married up until Donna’s death in May 2012. 

Ron & Opal Perlman ~ 31 years

Actor Ron married fashion designer Opal Stone in 1981. The Perlman’ maintain a low-profile outside of their individual professions. ron perlman and wife 2

Cecilia Hart & James Earl Jones ~ 30 years

James and Cecilia met at a play when she was a junior at a Washington junior college for women. The play had a scene where a black man had a love scene between a black man and a white woman which was cancelled when the Dean heard about it.

They didn’t start dating until 10 years later and were married in 1982. James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart2

Alfre & Roderick Spencer ~ 29 years

Alfre Woodard married her husband Roderick in 1983. The Spencers’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Nane Lagergren & Koffi Annan ~ 28 years

Former UN Secretary General met his wife while she worked as a Swedish attorny at the U.N. It was love and work at first sight. They’ve been married since 1984 and are happily married. Nane and Kofi Annan

Connie Chung & Maury Povich ~ 28 years

Maury met the young copy person named Connie Chung while anchoring the WTTG news in 1968, however they didn’t get married until 1984. The Povich’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their professions.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach ~ 26 years

Tina Turner met Erwin Bach in 1985 but they didn’t start dating until 1986. Although they are not legally married, they have been together ever since. Their relationship is longer than most other high profile marriages. 

Virginia & Clarence Thomas ~ 25 years

Justice Clarence Thomas and Virginia Lamp married in 1987. The Thomas’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Shari Belafonte & Sam Behrens~ 23 years

When Shari Belafonte first saw the film script for Murder by the Numbers, she turned it down with a quick goodbye. Then director Paul Leder asked her to read a scene with Sam Behrens, the onetime General Hospital heartthrob who was signed to play the movie’s male lead.

“I’m there to say, ‘No, thanks,’ ” recalls Belafonte, “but after I met Sam, I said, ‘We start Monday?”

The actress/model later married actor Sam in 1989 and have been happily married since. 

Rebecca & Terry Crews ~ 22 years

Rebecca and Terry met while she was studying Musical Theatre at Western Michigan University. One day, while she was serving as the music director of her local church, he walked into service one Wednesday night, and the rest as they say is HERstory!

They have been married since 1990 and have been living happily ever after since.

Iman & David Bowie ~ 20 years

This couple married in 1992, but Bowie claims he knew the moment he met the Somalian model, that she was the one. The couple initially met through a mutual friend on a blind date and have been in rock star bliss ever since. 

Roger Ebert & Chaz Hamelsmith ~ 20 years

Roger and Chaz met in 1989.“I love writing to him. When we first started dating, Roger and I would write to each other every morning”. 

Roger was dining out with old friend Eppie Lederer in 1989 (also known to advice-seeking newspaper readers as Ann Landers) and Chaz was at another table with some people Lederer knew –

Roger was clearly taken with Chaz: “He wanted to meet me, so he had Eppie walk over with him to make the introduction,” she recalls.

The attraction was mutual, and they began dating.” The marriage proposal, Chaz recalls, came during the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo while they were sitting outside eating ice cream. She does not remember if she said yes immediately.” 

Roger married trial attorney Chaz in 1992.

Michelle & President Barack Obama ~ 20 years

President Barack Obama and Michelle met while working at a Law firm and it was love at first sight for the president. It took a bit of convincing to get FLOTUS Michelle’s attention but it was worth it, as they’ve been happily married since 1992.

Their love for one another has rekindled the belief in marriages for millions. 

Dr. Susan Rice & Ian Cameron ~ 20 years

Ambassador Susan and Ian met while they were students at Stanford University. The ABC news producer and Susan later married in 1992 and have been living in marital bliss ever since.  

Aisha Tyler & Jeff Tietjens ~ 20 years

Tyler first met her attorney husband at Dartmouth College. Their avid love for beer was one of the reasons that brought them together. They eventually got married in May 1992.

Keisha & Justin Chambers ~ 19 years

Justin met his wife Keisha – a booking agent while modeling. They married in 1993. The Chambers’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Sara & Cuba Gooding, Jr. ~ 18 years

Cuba and Sara were high school sweethearts and lived together for 7 years before tying the knot. They married in 1994. The Goodings’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer - 39th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Morgan Freeman - Red Carpet

David & Malena Belafonte ~ 18 years

David and Malena were introduced by a mutual friend at a party here in New York City. She was taken aback because he knew how to pronounce her Danish name, and in her surprise didn’t catch his name.

“About a half-hour into our conversation,” says Malena Belafonte, “David began introducing me to other people as his future wife-to-be and mother of his children!

“But the rest of the evening I couldn’t introduce him to anybody because I didn’t know his name!” recalls Malena.

She went home from the party and called her dad to say, “I think he’s the one.” They couple got married 1994 and have been living in marital bliss ever since. 

Soledad O’Brien & Brad Raymond ~ 17 years

Soledad is not new to interracial relationships, she herself is biracial and recalls her parent’s marriage:

“At the time, interracial marriage in Maryland was illegal, so they married in Washington, D.C. where marriage laws were less restrictive.”

The CNN anchor and special correspondent married banker Bradley Raymond in 1995 and they have been living in marital bliss ever since.

Randy & Erika Jackson ~ 17 years

Music Producer and American Idol judge Randy married Erika in 1995. The Jacksons’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.Erika Riker and Randy Jackson - Celebrity Fight Night XVI - Arrivals

Clint & Dina Eastwood ~ 16 years

Clint and Dina married in 1996, when he surprised her with a private ceremony at a home on the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. After their wedding, Dina commented:

 “The fact that I am only the second woman he has married really touches me.”

The couple have been happily married ever since.

William S. Cohen & Janet Cohen ~ 16 years

Senator William married former model, Boston television personality and BET correspondent in 1996. They have been happily married since. The Cohen’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Nicole & Andre ‘Dr Dre’ Young ~ 16 years

Dr Dre and Nicole’s relationship is not the typical rapper love story; it’s almost a fairytale. When the rapper met Nicole, he was so smitten by her he wrote her a letter.  They’ve been married since 1996 and have been happily ever since.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos ~ 16 years

Kelly and Mark met on the set of All My Children when he was hired to play her onscreen lover Mateo Santos. After dating for a year, Ripa and Consuelos eloped in Las Vegas on May 1, 1996. They have been in love ever since.

Brad & Keesha Sharp ~ 15 years

Keesha and Brad met in Richmond, VA where he also proposed to her in song near Brown’s Island over the James River. They have been in love ever since. The Sharps’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Robert DeNiro & Grace Hightower~15 years

De Niro and Hightower met in 1987 and married ten years later. After hitting a rough patch, the pair managed to reconcile and renew their vows in front of friends and family at a romantic ceremony back in 2004. Their second set of vows did the trick as they have been living in marital bliss since.

Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn ~ 15 years

Although a controversial marriage, Woody and Soon-Yi have been happily married since 1997. Soon-Yi Farrow Previn is the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and André Previn, now known as Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen was in a relationship with Mia from 1980 until 1992.

Some consider the marriage between father and daughter even though Soon-Yi is not biologically related to Woody. Soon-Yi Previn Writer/director Woody Allen and wife Soon-Yi Previn arrive at the Chanel party for 'Cassandra's Dream' during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the The Chanel Boutique on September 11, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

Larsa & Scottie Pippen ~ 15 years

Scottie and former model Larsa tied the knot in 1997 and have been happily married ever since. Larsa is tagged as ‘the hottest NBA wife’. The Pippens’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Sophia & Derek Luke ~ 14 years

Derek and his wife Sophia not only have their love in comment, they also have the love of acting in common. The actors who met each other at a workshop to find their purpose met at the right time, and it was a ‘silent voice’ that spoke to them and things took off from there.

They got married in 1998 have been happily married ever since.

Thandie Newton & Ol Parker ~ 14 years

Thandie met Ol a British writer/director/producer on the set of “In Your Dreams” a movie about date rape. Ol was the writer of the movie and he and Thandie began dating and married in 1998. They have been happily married ever since. Thandie Newton and Ol Parker - Arrivals At The Orange British Academy Film Awards

Cristen & Nigel Barker ~ 13 years

Nigel Barker is infamous with the America’s Next Top Model reality show but the photographer/model has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. He started out as a model (encouraged by his mother – a former Ms. Sri Lanka) and eventually wound up behind the camera.

Nigel is also no stranger to interracial relationships, as he’s a produce of one himself. His mother is Sri Lankan (Asian) and his father is British. He met his wife Cristen, a former model and Covergirl representative, at a photoshoot and it was love at first sight. Cristen is of Irish and Chinese descent.

He recalls: “I was staying in Italy and I photographed my wife the day I met her, and afterwards I called my mother and said, “Mom, I’ve met this young girl and I want to marry her.” And my mother was like, “Oh, come on. You just met her.” I said, “She’s half Chinese, she’s from Alabama, she’s lovely, and she’s a kind girl.”

They’ve been married since 1999 and have been living happily since.

Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng ~ 13 years

Wendi met Rupert Murdoch in autumn 1996 at a cocktail party at the Harbourfront Plaza hotel. Rupert recalls meeting her:

“I met her casually once or twice at meetings of Star TV in Hong Kong, but I first took her out in June 1998 in London when she came over with a group from Star in Hong Kong and Beijing.”

“I was a recently separated, lonely man, and I said, let’s go out to dinner one night, and I talked her into staying in London a couple of extra days — and that was the start of it”. 

On June 25, 1999, just 17 days after the divorce from his previous wife, Rupert and Wendi were married aboard the yacht Morning Glory in New York. They have been happily married ever since.

Prince Maximilian & Princess Angela ~ 12 years

This royal couple met at a private event in New York City and were engaged two years after. They’ve been married since 2000 and are a perfect modern-day prince and princess in love.prince maximilian and wife angela 3

Kristi Yamaguchi & Bret Hedigan ~ 12 years

Former professional ice skate champion Kristi Yamaguchi met her husband, Bret Hedigan, a retired professional hockey player in the 1992 Winter Olympics. It was love at first ‘frost’.

The relationship blossomed into a union (marriage) that took place in July, 2000. They’ve been happily married ever since.Kristi Yamaguchi and Bret Hedigan

‘Ice-T’ Marrow & Marie ‘Coco’ ~ 11 years

Tracy aka Ice -T recounts how he met Coco: “I met Coco at a video shoot. One of my friends saw her. I was having a bad day and he figured if he introduced me to a pretty girl that would cheer me up.” They eventually got married in 2001 and have been happily married ever since. 

Arthel Neville & Taku Hirano ~ 11 years

Taku was playing percussion for Isaac Hayes at a New Orleans jazz festival in April 1999. Dateless since her divorce, Arthel was hanging out in the VIP section with her mom, Doris Neville, an entrepreneur, and buddy Ed Bradley of CBS News.

“I was on a dating hiatus for a year and a half. You couldn’t ask me out for coffee, ’cause it wasn’t going to happen,” she remembers.

After the concert, the two met backstage and exchanged business cards. He said he would be in New York (where she worked for Fox) a month from then for rehearsals with Whitney Houston. He asked if he could take her out for lunch.

The rest is history from there. The lovebirds got married in 2001 and have been happily married since.

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant ~ 11 years

Kobe and Vanessa met at a music video shoot where she was a background dancer. They got engaged while she was still in high school and eventually got married in 2001.

Ronde Barber & Claudia Patron ~ 11 years

Defensive back/Cornerback, Safety Football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his wife Claudia have been happily married since 2001. Ronde Barber and Claudia Patron

Bill & Kristen Bellamy ~ 11 years

Actors Bill and Kristen Bellamy do not only have acting in common, but their love for one another is evident in the number of years they’ve been together. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and have been happily married ever since.  bill bellamy wife kristen baker comedian wives bill bellamy wife

Brittany & Harold Perrineau ~ 10 years

Actors Harold and Brittany Perrineau have been together for about 20 years and tied the knot in 2002. They have been happily married since.

Sarah Michelle & Freddie Prinze, Jr. ~ 10 years

Actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. met several on the set of ‘I know What You Did Last Summer’ several years before they started dating in 2000. They were engaged in April 2001 and married in 2002. In 2007, for their fifth year of marriage,

Gellar legally changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze. Prinze is of Puerto Rican, German, English, Irish and Native American ancestry. The couple have been happily married ever since. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr

Danielle Pratt & Keith Chambers ~ 10 years

Danielle is the daughter of Heather Leslie Uggams and Australian businessman Grahame Pratt (our number 1 couple on the list). They have been happily married since 2002 but prefer to live a low-profile lifestyle. 

Heather Headley & Brian Musso ~ 9 years

Heather and her former New York Jets player husband Brian started dating during their days at Northwestern University and eventually got married in 2003. They have been living in marital bliss ever since.

Ivan & Tanya Sergei ~ 9 years

Ivan and Tanya have been married since 2003 and have been living in marital bliss ever since. The Sergei’ maintain a low-profile life outside of their individual professions.

Karyn & Alexandre Rockwell ~ 9 years

Karyn met her husband director Alexandre when she guest-starred in the TV sitcom 13 Moons. A year later in 2003, they were married and have been living in marital bliss ever since.

Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel ~ 9 years

Taye Diggs first met his actress wife Idina in 1996 on the set of the Broadway musical Rent, where he played the role of the nasty landlord. He recalls a few memories:

“It was a trip because she took me home, and her dad came out…”

They eventually tied the knot in 2003 and have been living in marital bliss ever since.

Wesley Snipes & Nakyung ‘Nikki’ ~ 9 years

Wesley married painter Nakyung “Nikki” Parks in 2003 after dating for 3 years. They have been happily married ever since.  Wesley is quoted as saying this about Asian women:

“I read that Asian women were bedroom generals.”

Some people think that means they’re great in bed, but that’s not the issue. They’re talking about a place where the man is at his most vulnerable, where they have the most control.

They don’t have to beat him over the head to mow the lawn. They can whisper it in his ear and give him a kiss on the cheek and it’s no problem. That’s a general”. wesley snipes and wife

Sanjay Gupta & Rebecca Olson ~ 8 years

Dr. Sanjay and attorney Rebecca have been married since 2004. They married in a traditional Hindu ceremony.  his resolve was tested anew when he proposed to Rebecca Olson, 36.

He recalls his proposal to his wife: “I wrote her a poem and in the last line asked her to marry me. “Watching her read it, I was very nervous—it was over a page long.”

They have been living in marital bliss ever since.

Rodney Jerkins & Joy Enriquez ~ 7 years

Grammy-award winning music producer Rodney Jerkins and his wife Joy first met when she was 19, and he produced her self-titled first album.

Recalled the new bride: “Rodney said, ‘I am going to marry you one day. Get the ring.’ When I finished the album, I added in the thank-you notes: ‘To Rodney Jerkins, when is the wedding?'”

But then a few years went by, and the two didn’t so much as cross paths — until Michael Jackson invited them to his 45th birthday party at Neverland in September of 2003.

“I saw Rodney with his posse, Nick Carter, Mike Tyson and LaShawn Daniels,” said Enriquez. “I went over to LaShawn and asked if Rodney was married or had a girlfriend.”

The rest is history and the Jerkins have been happily married since 2004.

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke ~ 7 years

Paula is no stranger to interracial relationships as she’s a product of it herself. Paula and Robin met in High School but Paula was too afraid of what her friends would think so it took some time before she decided to date Robin.

They dated on-and-off in their teenage years, starting when they were both 16 years old. Although they’ve only been married for 7 years (2005), they’ve been together for approximately 20 years. They have been living in marital bliss ever since. paula patton and husband



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  21. It is such a blessing to see that these couples have a similar bond, they keep the public out of their lives except professionally. Love is color blind, you marry the person not the color.

    Blessing to each of you!

    • well if that is the case remove paula patton and robin thicke too, because she is half white…some don’t see her as being black, so I think you are overthinking things just a bit. Perhaps you have a few hidden personal self esteem issues that you need to deal with?

    • Yes she is a very fair skinned women of color – African American as well as Dr. Dre’s wife. Please remove and understand that the African diaspora creates many different complexions.

    • I wondered about how white Crews’ wife was too when I read it here. But, technically, even if she is mostly white and he not pure black (?), it could still fit in as I/R.

  22. You put “They have been living in marital bliss ever since” for a lot of couples that divorced. How do you know if they are happy or not. Just because they are married, does not equate to happiness. I know people who have been married for 20+ years, and sleep in separate rooms, and cant stand each other. Even my own parents lived in the same house for 20 years, and never spoke to each other, even though they never technically got a divorce.

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