The battle of the races: BM/WM vs. BW/WM

In what seemed like the battle of the races: BM/WM vs. BW/WM on Twitter yesterday when In Flex We Trust’ blogger Ice and Luceeria stirred up quite a discussion. The topic was why black men preferred white women and the response was why black women prefer white men.

Although I am not in total agreement with them both, I felt I’d still share their views on why interracial relationships occur between the black and white.

A lot of what’s cited as the reason either race prefers the other borderlines on stereotypes and a narcissistic trait, so for those of you who are not too familiar with the American way, this DOES NOT apply to every black man/woman or every white man/woman.

Read the top 10 reasons for yourself and judge and let me know what your thoughts are.

10 reasons why black men prefer white women 10 reason why black women prefer white men
1. White women are just more FUN to be with. There isn’t an easier way to explain it, but If you just want a fun relationship void of nagging, complaining and the like…date a white girlfriend. 1. White men have their life in order. Take a look at Robin Thicke, Chris Noth, Robert DeNiro, Justin Chambers, David Bowie just to name a few. What do all these powerful, rich and famous men have in common? They’re all married to BLACK WOMEN!
2. Have you ever had oral sex with a white woman or has she ever gone down on you? If you’ve experienced it before, then you know what I’m talking about. 2. White men are excellent lovers. Have you ever had oral sex with a Suburban man with full lips and an appetite? White men definitely know how to pleasure a woman.
3. White women love taking care of their men. Cooking…not a problem. Cleaning…not a problem. Is there anything else you want…it’s not a problem with them. 3. White men love to take care of their girlfriends. Do you need your car washed, oil changed or perhaps your gutters cleaned or a new chandelier installed? ‘Joe’ has that all covered.
4. White women don’t give their boyfriends as many headaches as women of other races. There’s very little nagging and complaining. They don’t go through your phone and neither do they want to know who everyone on your contact list is. 4. White men are mature and respect their girlfriends. I don’t constantly have to yell at ‘Rob’ for coming home late because Rob is responsible enough to know when to be home. I don’t have to nag ‘Rob’ to be responsible because he knows what his responsibilities are. I don’t have to go through ‘Rob’s’ phone or email because I suspect foul play. I also don’t have to worry about ‘Rob’ calling me 5453 times in a row because I didn’t respond quickly enough to his initial text message. ‘Rob’ doesn’t accuse me of sleeping with every man I say hello to. ‘Rob’ doesn’t make unexpected visits past my house to see whose car is parked in the driveway.
5. White women have no problem spoiling their men with gifts. They actually love to buy gifts for their men. It’s an ego booster for them. Take a look at Kim Kardashian for example; have you seen the gift she bought for Kanye West for his birthday? Need I say more? 5. White men are a lot more generous. I once dated a white man and within 4 days, I got a bouquet of exotic flowers, an edible arrangement and a $200 date. A black man will buy you lingerie for Christmas and get upset when you’re not excited at his gift. I’m not saying material gifts are the foundation towards a successful relationship, but black men are stingy with their money. It’s almost near impossible to get a black man to give or loan you $200 dollars.
6. White women are not looking to be in a rap video. She’s also not interested in her boyfriend buying everything in the bar or lighting up the club with sparklers. She just prefers to dance and enjoy her drink(s). 6. White men aren’t trying to become music A&R on Twitter. Some of my black brothers spend COUNTLESS hours on Twitter, dissecting mixtapes, albums and blogs but have never tweeted about a day at work. You’re not producers or hitmakers! The majority of white men I know have goals. Try starting up a conversation with a white man, and before too long you’ll know of his goals and aspirations. If you don’t believe me, spend some time on Twitter during business hours you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
7. White women don’t mind experimenting in the bedroom. Women of other races are a lot more restrictive. You can basically try out different things with a white woman in the bedroom and she’ll smile through it all. 7. White men appreciate and respect my requests in the bedroom. I believe that making love should be more than just the act. It’s a bonding experience designed for pleasure and growth. But should a black woman suggest a specific position to a black man, he begins to accuse of unfaithfulness and questions himself on whether he’s in a relationship with a ‘slut’. If you ask a white man to stick a finger in your back?
8. It’s easier to introduce your white girlfriend to your friends and family. For example: “Hi everyone, this is Amber” is a lot easier than saying “hi everyone, meet Shaniqua”. 8. White men are more family oriented. My grandmother doesn’t have to worry that ‘Tom’ will steal her sterling silver gravy boat at Thanksgiving dinner. He also always remembers to bring a bottle of wine for Aunty Tamika.
9. White women don’t talk back or argue with their boyfriends or husbands. If you add a little aggression to your tone, she’ll do whatever you say. This is not the case with women of other race, who would rather argue or fight. ALWAYS! 9. White men listen. I don’t have to tell ‘Tom’ more than once what I would like him to do for me. I’m STILL waiting on Dayquan to remove his hair brush and du rag from my car.
10. White women don’t mind getting their hair wet, especially in the summer time. Who wants to be at the pool or by the beach with a woman who’s afraid of getting her weave wet? White women just jump in the pool without worrying about their hair. 10. White men LOVE my hair. Whether my hair is weaved, pressed or naturally twisted. I’ve ALWAYS received compliments from Caucasian men. They touch it (with permission), play with it and I’ve even had one help me twist it before. In additions, they understand that while black women don’t often get their hair wet, we don’t smell like a wet dog when we do.

Do the above lists seem familiar? If yes, it’s because I posted an article about two weeks ago similar to this. Read it here…


2 thoughts on “The battle of the races: BM/WM vs. BW/WM

  1. I find this to be so ignorant on so many levels. Granted, there is satire in both, it still a divisive measure. No one “race” is better than the other. Actually, there isn’t a scientific basis for race. Race is a social concept that was made to seperate, divide, and place hierarchy upon different ethnic groups. I’m married to a white man, and I hope our children don’t fall victim to this BS.

    • There views are certainly narcissistic and I personally don’t think either parties are involved in an interracial relationship (which is beyond Black & White). However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if I do not subscribe to it. Dating a man/woman of another race should be no different than dating within ones’ race. However, a few ‘bad eggs’ in our society lack respect and self worth and therefore are unable to function properly in relationships.

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