KolorBlind Spotlight: Kelly Ripa … talk-showing her KolorBlind life!

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly and or who could forget Hayley Vaughan  and Faith? How many names does this woman go by? If you are too young to remember her as Hayley Vaughan on All My Children or are not a Soap Opera aficionado, then I’m sure you’ll remember her as Regis Philbin’s sexy blond sidekick on Live! with Regis and Kelly! I remember this beautiful blond from All My Children and ‘am in awe at how far she’s taken her career.

Over the years this petite beauty has showed her audience that she is full of talent and versatility. Kelly’s natural ability in front of the camera makes it seem so easy to act and host a talk show. She fit just perfectly in with Regis Philbin which is a huge undertaking considering who Regis is. Viewers almost didn’t even miss Kathy Lee Gifford when she left the show. It takes a certain talent to engage the American audience early in the morning and Kelly has portrayed that talent over the years.

This petite beauty is not only a talk show host and television actress, she is also the spokesperson for the Electrolux and Ryka brands. Her philantrophy efforts include being an avid supporter of The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Who can forget her handsome sidekick in real life Mark Consuelos? From their on-screen chemistry in All My Children to their chemistry off the cameras…they were a match made from heaven from the get go. Kelly and Mark’s marriage are one of the first Hollywood interethnic relationships I remember. Mark is a Mexican American. They’ve been married since 1996.

Their three children, Michael (15), Lola (11) and Joaquin (9) are pictured on the right. Doesn’t Michael look like Mark’s twin?

Kelly you are an inspiration to a lot of working mothers. Thank you for showing us that it can be done. Your commitment to your family and to your fans will continually be admired. Kudos to you and your beautiful family.  Xo

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s KolorBlind Spotlight: Kelly Ripa…talk showing her KolorBlind life!


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