KolorBlind’s 10 Richest People

Have you ever wondered if the KolorBlind community made it to Forbes list? Do you sometimes wonder how much they are worth? The list below details KolorBlind’s 10 richest people.

Rank Name Race/Ethnicity Net Worth Age Partner
1 George Lucas Caucasian $3.2B+ 68 AA
2 Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein Caucasian $2B+ 43 AA
3 Yoko Ono Asian $500M+ 79 C
4 Mariah Carey Caucasian/African American $500M+ 42 AA
5 Wolfgang Puck Caucasian $400M+ 63 M
6 Clint Eastwood Caucasian $375M+ 82 M
7 David Bowie Caucasian $215M+ 65 AA
8 Tina Turner African American $200M+ 73 C
9 Robert De Niro Caucasian $185M+ 69 AA
10 Michael Caine Caucasian $75M+ 79 M

The list above is a list of some of the people on Forbes list either in a category of America’s richest or the world’s richest people. Each individual on this list is either married or engaged to a person of another race.

Partner – indicates the race of their partners (fiancé, wife, husband):

  • AA – African American/African
  • C – Caucasian
  • H – Hispanic
  • M – Multiracial
  • A – Asian

Click on each of the partner’s race/ethnicity to link to their bios.



Source: celebritynetworth.com/forbes.com


3 thoughts on “KolorBlind’s 10 Richest People

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