KolorBlind’s most searched term – ‘sex’!

I’m a new Blogger in a world of approximately 200 million bloggers* who blog about everything under the moon. What sets me and a few hundred (well not quite that many) apart is that I blog about a topic that isn’t popular and hasn’t really gained worldwide attention yet. I blog about interethnic/interrace relationships, marriage, parenting and the equality of all races.

The WordPress platform (and I would recommend this if you ever consider blogging in the future) is very robust and offers a lot of free blogging features. One of the many features that rank high on my list is the Statistics view which allows me to see which of my blog articles have been read how many times per day and by which countries. WordPress even goes further by letting me know who referred them. If the referral was from a search engine; it shows me a list of search terms that lead the read to my website.

This is starting to sound like a review of WordPress and the features it offers bloggers isn’t it? Well, to not digress much the reason I bring this up is that over the past few weeks since I’ve been blogging I’ve been observing what search terms people enter into their search engines. I was surprised at KolorBlind’s most searched term.  The top four (4) searches are in this specific order (I have modified the search terms a bit for easier reading):

  1. Sex in interracial relationships
  2. Acceptance within interracial relationships
  3. Celebrity couples in interracial relationship
  4. Biracial/multiracial children and their looks

Are you noticing a trend here? Day after day, week after week, these four search terms bring people to my website. This leads me to believe that there is not enough information out there to satisfy people’s curiosity. A lot of men and women are still afraid of interracial/interethnic relationships because they believe they will not be sexually satisfied. Either that, or the horniest people are the ones who browse the web the most. I’ve written articles before to address the myths in existence but I don’t think my articles have made it to the people who need to read them.

If after you read this article and it has provided you with more information on interracial/interethnic relationships, please share the article by using any one of the sharing buttons below. You can share this and other articles to your twitter, facebook, tumblr, wordpress, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google+ and Reddit account(s).

I think I may have to start an interracial/interethnic matchmaking service to help people with their love life or the lack thereof.

I need you to pay attention to the next few words you read:

There are big and small penises in every race and ethnicity. There is no truth to the fact that certain races or ethnicities possess bigger penises than others.

  • Do not judge a man by his race and/or ethnicity
  • Do not judge a man by his physique
  • Do not judge a man by his shoe size

Until you’ve been with a man, there is no way you can judge if he will satisfy you or not. In addition to that, it takes two to tango. It really does. Because of the differences in culture and exposure one partner may know more than the other. Unless one of you has a serious sexual dysfunction, you can be taught the art of love making.

Ignoring a man or woman of a different race/ethnicity simply because you have heard certain cliques about their race, ethnic groups or country will only make you lose out on love. Open your mind and options and be willing to give love a chance.

I cannot and will not detail any sexual positions or things to try out during love making. You will need to visit some other sites for that. I can however, educate you on your chances of finding love in another race and/or ethnicity. I repeat do not believe the hype. You can only become an expert in something you consistently devote your time to. Have you ever heard of the saying: “with practice comes perfection?” Don’t lose out on an opportunity to find love.

There is a book I would like to recommend you buy and read. It’s a book written by a fellow KolorBlind woman who details her account of dating men of different races and/or ethnicities and her results. The book titled “A Black Girl’s Guide To Dating White Men” by Niki McElroy. Don’t let the title fool you, this book is not only about white men.

Did you answer our poll? Good luck and check back here soon.

*As of early 2011, there were 156 million bloggers! An astonishing number if you consider blogging has only been around for less than 10 years.


Image Credits: Google: blogspot/ineedhits


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