KolorBlind Spotlight: Arthel Neville … drumming to her own news!

Arthel Neville, October 28, 2011Whenever I hear the name Neville, my mind immediately flashes back to the Neville Brothers and the beautiful music they’ve created. Then every now and then you catch a familiar glimpse on TV and it’s Art’s’ daughter Arthel.

Arthel is a different breed of celebrity kids as she’s worked hard for her achievements.  From her pre-Pharmacy days at Xavier University before switching to journalism at Southern Methodist University and then finally earning her bacherlor’s in Journalism at the Universiity of Texas at Austin, this woman has been all about hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Career-wise, she has worked her way up in reporting from anchor/reporter to landing the Extreme Close-Up host gig at E! Entertainment that finally propelled her into spotlight. During her three years with the E! Entertainment, she logged over 200 interviews with stars from Will Smith to Tom Cruise to Sharon Stone. “Mr. [Bill] Cosby was definitely one of the highlights,” Neville told the Los Angeles Sentinel. Cosby had initiated the interview and specifically requested for Arthell. How many reporters have can boast of having Mr. Bill Cosby request for them?

Her hunger in the industry didn’t stop there, after she left E! Entertainment, she had her own live show, has hosted various pageants, and most recently back as a news anchor for Fox New Channel.

Arthel’s resume is one to be admired and even envied. Not only is she a hard working woman, she is also a KolorBlind queen. The beautiful Arthel is married to sensational Japanese drummer Taku Hirano (whose career has had a meteoric rise in the last 10-plus years, seeing him hailed as a “phenomenon” by his peers — making him a constant in touring and recording circles. The partial list of world tours he has performed in, include Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston, Bette Midler, Lionel Richie, and Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru).

Arthell and Taku have been married since 2001. A happy and successful marriage is characterized by longevity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s KolorBlind Spotlight: Arthel Neville…drumming to her own news!

Arthel, I admire your work, work ethic and beautiful marriage but please slow down and give us a beautiful blasian baby. Wishing you continued success in everything you do. Xo


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