Weekly KolorBlind News 7/8/12: Matthew McConaughey, Chad and Evelyn Johnson, Seventeen Magazine and more…

Actor Matthew McConaughey expecting baby #3…

For those of you who don’t know, Matthew McConaughey is KolorBlind. He recently married his girlfriend of 5 years, Brazilian model Camila Alves on June 9, 2012 (Brazil is a diverse country with a large variety of ethnicities).

On July 4th, Matthew tweeted: “Happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child, God bless, just keep livin” 

Congratulations Matthew and Camila! Baby #3 will join older siblings Levi Alves (4) and Vida Alves (2).

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!

Congratulations again to Chad and Evelyn Johnson‘s on their July 4th wedding. Click here to read.

I don’t think any celebrity or anyone for that matter has ever tweeted live during their nuptials before, so Chad Johnson definitely gets the trophy for this.

Chad and Evelyn released a few pictures of their honeymood and I have to say that Evelyn looks stunning asl always.

Do you notice how Evelyn is glowing? It must be the after-effect of being Mrs. Johnson.

Here is an excerpt of the tweets from Chad Johnson’s Twitter account up until he the glorious moment:

  • “Y’all still there? How many times is Eve gonna change outfits…Is this normal to have more than 1 outfit besides the wedding gown?”
  • “Well shit she’s on outfit #4 and i’m stuck in this damn tux…”
  • “Here we go…Proverbs 18:22…I love you guys…If I do it right the 1st time I won’t have to do it again…Turn up…”
  • “Going through text messages, Marvin Lewis message is making me tear up a lil bit and I didn’t even see the bride yet…”
  • I’m breathing like a pregnant lady in lamaze class right now…I was hoping continuing to tweet with y’all support would calm me down”
  • “What if @EvelynLozada is a runaway bride when I get out there and I’m stuck looking good all by myself…did I mention looking good?”
  • “Live tweeting from my wedding… should be a first I’m assuming, music is playing, can’t see my guests right now but they’re here…#nervous”

Vh1 caught up with Shaunie O’Neal (creator and Executive Producer of the Basketball Wives reality series) at the Essence Music Festival last night backstage at the Superdome in New Orleans, where she arrived mere hours after leaving the Johnson wedding.

Shaunie told Vh1: “There’s so much love in the air, it’s so much fun. I don’t care if I don’t get any sleep!

In good spirits and fresh off the plane from the wedding which took place in in St. Martin (spoiler alert!). Shaunie proudly announced “She’s a Johnson!” She’s thrilled that Ev and Ocho finally tied the knot in their July 4th ceremony. After teasing Evelyn’s beau about dressing himself for the occasion, Shaunie issued a round-about apology by emphasizing how incredible Chad looked. “When he came down [the aisle], that boy was sharp! I’ve been talking about his outfit ever since I left. He looked so good!” According to Shaunie, the navy blue “rich looking suit” was “tailored perfectly,” and his shoes were equally impressive: “They went with that suit and that wedding.” But who cares about Chad, right?

We wanted to know about the bride! Including her white wedding dress. Shaunie confirmed that Evelyn underwent three outfit changes throughout the night, one of which was a “hot” catsuit ensemble. “She looked so pretty, and everything was so beautiful.”

For more on what Shaunie O’Neal had to reveal about the Johnson wedding, read Vh1’s blog.

Seventeen Magazine to stop photoshopping of models on magazine front covers!

In this vain world of beauty and fashion, it’s hard to not be self-conscious. I’m sure every teen and adult alike has looked at a magazine cover or even the inside of a magazine and wondered why she didn’t look quite as perfect at the magazines portrayed women. It’s hard to build self confidence when the media feeds us with what they consider a ‘beautiful woman’. Well, a fourteen year old had enough of the fake images and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Julia Bluhm a fourteen-year-old girl from Maine is trying to do what body image and feminist activists have been trying to do for years: Stop the prolific use of airbrushed images in magazines. She launched a petition in May 2012 to get Seventeen magazine to feature one (just one) un-retouched photo shoot each issue. The 14-year-old activist already has 84 thousand signatures and the list is growing.  Bluhm took it one step further and staged a mock photo shoot outside Seventeen’s offices — with girls holding signs that said “Where are the Girls Like Me?”

Why all the commotion? Because “photo spreads and ads…hurt girls and break our self-esteem,” Bluhm wrote in the petition circulating through Change.org. 

To be fair, the magazine industry says its making (slow but steady) strides to include real women on their pages. Seventeen Magazine published an unretouched cover of Jessica Simpson circa two years ago.

Seventeen’s Editor-in-Chief, Ann Shoket, met with Bluhm in the magazine’s offices shortly after the protest began — no doubt in hopes of squashing the commotion. “We’re proud of Julia for being so passionate about an issue — it’s exactly the kind of attitude we encourage in our readers.”

Seventeen spokesperson told the Daily News: “We believe that Julia left understanding that Seventeen celebrates girls for being their authentic selves, and that’s how we present them.” 

Even as Julia pushed another petition urging Teen Vogue to make a similar public pledge, Julia celebrated the proposals made by Seventeen:

“‘Seventeen’ listened!” she said in an update of her online petition. “They’re saying they won’t use Photoshop to digitally alter their models! This is a huge victory, and I’m so unbelievably happy.”

The magazine said that it will continue make small changes to photos, like erasing a stray hair or changing background colors, even as it insists it still won’t make big changes to a person’s body or face.

Source: Seventeen mag, CNN, Twitter, Vh1

That’s it for our Weekly KolorBlind News 7/8/12: Matthew McConaughey, Chad and Evelyn Johnson, Seventeen Magazine and more… I hope you enjoyed reading it. The things reported in the news makes us aware of the things that occur in our environment and the world at large. Stay informed!


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