KolorBlind couple of the day: Chad and Evelyn Johnson

July 4th is known to every American as our day of Independence. It’s a day we all look forward to with pride. However, yesterday’s July 4th also marked a major milestone in the lives of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco. If you follow the couple on Twitter (if you are not following them, I recommend you do), you’ll know they’ve been counting down with their fans. Evelyn Lozada finally became Mrs. Chad Johnson yesterday.  Congratulations to the beautiful couple. July 4 will forever remain etched in each of their lives as a double celebration of independence in life and love. I wish you both a peaceful journey full of love, happiness and fulfillment.

The Johnson’s wedding was planned by celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine of the popular WeTV series I do Over who raved about the wedding by tweeting:

“For everyone wondering, @EvelynLozada & @ochocinco had one of the fliest weddings I have designed and produced in a while. Love her!”

It’s been approximately two years since Evelyn was introduced into our homes via the Basketball Wives reality show and it also wasn’t too long after that, when she announced her engagement to Chad Ochocinco. This is one couple who are extremely comfortable with one another. If you’ve never met them physically, you wouldn’t even know they were of different ethnicities. Evelyn is Puerto Rican and Chad Johnson is African American. This is an interethnic union at its best – It doesn’t get anymore KolorBlind than this. Not only are they both very open about their relationship, they are also very engaging with their fans. They spend a great deal of time on social media responding to fans – which I must say is a time consuming process. Although the media predicted that their engagement wouldn’t last, Chad and Evelyn beat those odds by proving their love is real.

This couple is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Evelyn is not only a reality show personality, she also recently published part 1 of a 2 book series Inner Circle (Wives Association) which has received positive feedback. Not only can she add the title author to her list of accomplishments, she also recently launched a cosmetic line named E by Evelyn Cosmetics among other projects. Chad is a professional football player (wide receiver) and played for the New England Patriots and recently signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins. Rumor has it he will be launching a watch line and an online dating service very soon.  I wish the Johnsons the very best in life.

If you have been afraid of following your heart because society might tag you a sellout for dating or marrying outside your race and/or ethnicity, let our KolorBlind couple of the day: Chad and Evelyn Johnson be an inspiration to you. True Love is KolorBlind!

The Johnson’s wedding will be televised by Vh1 later on this year. In the meantime for more information on Chad and Evelyn visit www.ochocinco.com and www.evelynlozada.com. For more information on Diann Valentine visit www.diannvalentine.com


Photo credits: LifeandStylemag.com, Dailyworldinfo.com, Vh1



5 thoughts on “KolorBlind couple of the day: Chad and Evelyn Johnson

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    • Evelyn is 100% Puerto Rican, this makes their relationship is an interethnic one (it’s stated in the article). KolorBlind is all about the promotion of interrace and interethnic relationships. Yes, you are right a large percentage of Hispanics are Afro Latinos.

      • Yes that’s true. But I don’t think interracial relationships help black people in the long run. And it doesn’t cause more racial understanding in my opinion.If you do not understand White Supremacy/Racism – what it is and how it works – you’ll commit a variety of errors in all areas of people activity. Tragically, many of black people’s greatest missteps have happened in the dark, under covers. One of white people’s most lethal weapons has been bedroom Integration/raping Victims of Racism – precision crafted sexual chaos. Evidence indicates that black people have not understood that hopping in bed with White people will not end Racism (White Supremacy); in fact, many White and non-white people continue to assert that diversified sleeping arrangements will solve this problem. Thankfully, some black people are waking up to this scam. In a system of white supremacy,interracial relationships only confuses the non-white person.
        There’s also no such thing as being color blind. We are all color-conscious. The fact that you named this blog “KolorBlind” proves you aren’t. Until racism(white supremacy)is destroyed–you will always have prejudice and an unjust system.

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