Racial Profiling and its effects on Interracial Relationships

Does racial profiling play a role in black women rejecting white men? Are women revenging by refusing to date outside their race?  Do some black women have a hidden hatred towards white people as a result of the ongoing racial profiling in America?

I’m irritated just as much by the racism, racial profiling and silent segregation going on in the United States. It would seem that United States is not so united after all. 165 years after the abolishment of slavery and we are still struggling with the acceptance of mankind. Racism and/or racial profiling is nothing other than the refusal to accept all mankind as equals. How does this affect the western society? It continues to separate and divide us, and brings out resentment in a lot of people who feel the need to fight back the hatred that has been metered out on minorities such as the black race.

I know too many black people who do not hide their disdain for the white race and would vomit at the thought of ever dating the people who have made their lives miserable. The thought of their children selling out and dating them would even invoke the wrath of the gods. There are some blacks in this country who would turn down millions of dollars to date a white person simply because they harbor hatred in their minds at the way blacks have been treated over the years. I don’t blame them…but I can’t hold every white person accountable for the actions of others. Not every one of them feels the same way towards racism and/or racial profiling and not every one of them engages in the act. No, I am not defending them. I am merely stating what is.

I wonder if racist’ ever sit down to consider the many homes they are destroying before they’re even built. Can you imagine the number of happy homes/marriages that would exist in our society if racial profiling and/or racism were non-existent? Do you know the number of white men who secretly wish they were married to black women? Before you say no, they don’t…I want you to go back down memory lane and remember all the black mistresses white masters kept during the slavery era. If they did not find black women sensual, desirable and exotic…they would simply have closed their eyes on them.

Before you say: “no, they didn’t find them desirable. They just used the women as tools because they were there and available. They didn’t love those women, it was all about the sex to them…” I want us to take a closer look at the scenario back then. It’s not like they didn’t have the choice of choosing white mistresses. I’m sure there were women back then who would have gladly offered themselves. Not a lot has changed in women since the beginning of time. Some women still go after the highest bidder while some go for the biggest d$%^. At the end of the day, every woman has the same assets (with some being more endowed in some areas than others). So I’m sure it wasn’t all about the sex. If you are a black woman, I want you to take a look at yourself in the mirror and see how God perfected his art. I won’t lie…we are beautiful, sensual and we rock big time.

So back to reviewing the dynamics of black women during slavery: black women during the slavery era had a limited source of nourishment. They ‘ate the crumbs that fell from their master’s tables’. They did not have medical attention (and also didn’t have the luxury of a dermatologist) and had to work long hard hours in the sun. I’m sure hygiene was a far cry for these women. They wore clothes out of material we wouldn’t even touch in today’s world. They didn’t have the luxury of going to the salon to get their hair and nails done so I can only imagine what they looked and smelled like yet, their white masters couldn’t get enough of them.

All these slave masters had wives who probably wore the most expensive fragrance and clothing of that era. Took regular baths and pampered themselves to look beautiful and presentable to their husbands. Yet, their men would sneak out at night to be with a black slave who was not obliged the same luxury as her madam.

Being black is a beautiful thing, but to be a black woman in love with the one your heart desires without the negative influence of society is priceless. I understand that black people will never be viewed as equals in the eyes of most white people, but we are all equal before God.

A lot more people would be able to experience real joy and happiness in relationships outside of their race if we can all make an effort to stop (perhaps reduce) racial profiling and/or racism. In a count of one thousand white men who hate, there are 50 white men who secretly wish they could just proclaim their love for black women and women of other races to the world.

There is a little white boy out there who loves a black girl but would never dare tell his parents out of fear. There is a little white girl out there who loves the little black boy she goes to school with but would never dare tell her parents out of fear. This same goes for the little black boy and girl.

I look forward to the day when we can all just put our differences aside, stop feeling superior over another race/ethnicity and start to look at mankind as one. I look forward to the day when we are all free to love the person we want to love and look beyond their skin tone, nationality and race. I hope one day, racial profiling and its effects on interracial relationships will no longer exist.


One thought on “Racial Profiling and its effects on Interracial Relationships

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