I will never find my soulmate!

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This is the way to overcome doubt

  • Our beliefs change our lives and become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Interracial coupleLately, the question I am hearing most often is:

“How do I overcome my doubt that I will ever find my soulmate?”

First I would ask you to determine: is this a random thought, a random doubt or do you have a serious “belief” that you will never find your soulmate?

It’s important to make this distinction

As human beings, it’s normal to have occasional doubts but, if your core belief is you won’t find your soulmate, this is something that you need to overcome.

When I have a doubt about something, I choose not to buy into. I say to myself “cancel-cancel” and then select a more empowering thought.

For instance, you have the doubt, “I’ll never find my soulmate.”

Change that to “My soulmate is not only out there but he/she is…

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One thought on “I will never find my soulmate!

  1. I love reading about IR romances because I’m the product of one and thus, no matter who I date, I find myself in one. When I date black guys I have to explain my Hungarian culture, the food, the customs, the fact that you can’t just drop by my house any time you want. You need to call in advance. And with white guys it’s more of the physical properties- why is my hair sometimes curly? Straight? Why do I only wash my hair once a week? Why are black people so loud or communal? With other races (Hispanic, Asian, NativeAm) it’s all new and we do a sort of cultural exchange. I can definitely relate to this article being biracial. It’s well written. I like the aspect of two different people coming together and working through whatever problems come along. And with IR in present society, we have different cultures and ideas.

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