KolorBlind Product Suggestion

Are you biracial or multiracial or have biracial or multiracial children? Do you struggle with taking care of your hair and theirs? Are you tired products that don’t work for your hair type?

Well, here are a few suggestions to keep your hair and your child/children’s hair looking healthy and well kept:

Curls – www.curls.biz

Blended Beauty – www.blendedbeauty.com

Mixed Chicks – www.mixedchicks.net

How about Skin care? Do you have sensitive skin? Do you feel a lot of skin care products don’t cater to biracial/multiracials? Here is another product suggestion:

BioBalance Skin – www.biobalanceskin.com

Try one of these products and let me know your feedback. It would also help others know whether to buy the product.

Love, KolorBlind Princess Temi

Disclaimer: The product recommendations  that are offered above are only suggestions. We do not a guarantee their performance since we have no control over the use or application of said products.


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