Global Cuisine: Edition 1

If you’re currently in an interracial/interethnic relationship, or you are planning on becoming KolorBlind, one of the issues you’ll face in your relationship is the adaptation to different cuisines. This is particularly true, if your significant other is from a different culture/nationality. Part of being KolorBlind is keeping an open mind to different cultures, looks and languages. Once you can wrap your mind around the fact that you too would be considered ‘different’ or ‘weird’ in their country/culture, I think you’ll begin to accept your partner’s culture a lot more.

One of the first steps to stepping across the line, is learning a new language or in this case acclimating yourself to a new dish. If you and your significant other are not able to agree on whose dish should be prepared, then consider incorporating some of these dishes into your weekly menu.

I did not prepare any of these dishes! Browse through the dishes in this post and look up the recipes online. If you’re lucky you might even find a restaurant near you that offers some of these dishes. Go venturing with your significant other. There’s nothing more fun that going food tasting with the one you love. Global Cuisine – even food is KolorBlind!


Vietnamese dish: Com Dat Biet (grilled pork chop, shrimp, dried shredded pork, egg and pork patty)

Bengali (India) dish: Tandoori Mix Kebab


Senegalese dish: Dejeuner (fried fish, rice, veggies and hot pepper sauce)

Nigerian dish: Egusi with wheat fufu


Austrian dish: Marillenknoedel (Apricot Dumplings) 

Polish dish: Zrazy (Breadcrumbs, mushrooms, cucumber and bacon are filled inside a slice of thin sirloin beef. The beef then is fried and grilled, letting all the flavors to assimilate. Usually Zrazy is served with a cucumber salad or Mizeria.

South America

Colombian dish: Fried Cachama Fish with rice and fried plantain

Argentine dish: Parrillada (Barbecue on coal) 

Central America

Panamanian dish: Corvina fish in creole sauce

Guatemalan dish: Caldo (beef concoction with vegetable green beans, chayote, potatoes, yucca, carrots and cabbage).

North America

Stuffed jumbo pasta shells 

Crawfish boil

Australia and New Zealand

Australian dish: Barbecue chicken pizza 

New Zealand dish: Liquored Pork with Apricots and Capers & Kumara Orange Mash 

Until the next time we explore food from around the world, eat, pray and love.


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