Interracial Relationships Increasing and Tolerance Growing in America

This is a great post I found on another issue that interracial couples have to deal with – TOLERANCE

Craig Eisele on .....

Interracial Relations have been a bit more visible and in the news lately and I have blogged about them before… Given I am so angry with our society in general for bigotry and racism and homophobia to name a few,  and many other social ills I am still pleased that there has been considerable positive movement in being tolerant of differences in people in the United States… but make no mistake we have a long way to go and grow in this area. 

Having not  dated let alone anything… else with a woman who was  not racially different from myself for 2 decades plus I find  the trend to acceptance a good start, but ONLY a start….. and there are many many challenges in a relationship between 2 adults anyway, the racial and cultural issues  further complicate this. add family to the mix and their biases and prejudices  …. well there is a long long way to go in this society.

Hopefully the explosion…

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