KolorBlind Fashion Alert: Budget Summer/Beach Wardrobe

Summer is here and who doesn’t love going to the beach or the swimming pool? Here are some suggestions for you to wear. All of these beach/swimwear are under $100. What a bargain! 

Men beach/swimming pool outfit… 

For your little man …

  • Boys “Sharks” Muscle Tees  – $14.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Boys Snake-Print Swim Trunks- $14.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Boys Printed Canvas Flip-Flops – $9.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Boys Embellished Sunglasses- $5.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com

For your little diva…

  • Girls Ruffled Americana Tankinis  – $16.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Girls Flower Jellies- $9.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Girls Sunglasses – $5.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Girl’s Surfs Up Bucket Hat – $25.00 http://www.coolibar.com
  • (Optional Swimwear): Girls Floral Ruffle-Trim Swimsuits – $16.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com

The adult beach/swimwear work for almost all body types. 


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