KolorBlind Fashion Alert: Budget Wardrobe 2

How does an entire outfit less than or around $100 sound to you? Let’s go then…

This outfit works for the office, a lunch meeting, etc. 

You can accessorize this outfit up or down as much as you want.

Going to the movies, going out for ice-cream, running to the store to quickly pick up a few items? This look screams swag & style…

  • ASOS Legging in Layered Tie Dye Print – $34.79 www.us.asos.com
  • Women’s Pointelle-Back Sweater Vests $19.94 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Women’s V-Neck Layering Camis – $8.50 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • Sanders17 Colorblock Open Toe Wedge Booties BLACK – $33.60     http://www.makemechic.com

Catching up with friends, taking your girl to eat pizza, just hanging out? This is your look…

  • Swirl Men’s Skinny Jersey T-Shirt – $33.60 www.uniquetees2012.spreadshirt.com
  • Men’s Premium Skinny Jeans – $25.00 www.oldnavy.gap.com
  • GOLA QUOTA MARL – $47.99 http://www.zappos.com

Going to work? This outfit says I’m dressed for success and have style:

For your little diva…two different outfits for under $100

Casual swag look:

Dressy outfit choice:

The adult outfits work for almost all age groups.


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