White Guys, Black Girls, Lines in the Sand

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I’m going assume that the black girls who have a problem with Chester French’s new song and music video, Black Girls, also have an atomic problem with Robin Thicke. Most of the black girls I interact with give Rob a race pass (a select few give him such an exception that they’d bet money he lays the D like a pro). Why? Cuz he’s Robin Thicke, he sings sexy, breathy ballads and is married to Paula Patton (hot black lady). He’s an unapologetic White guy who appreciates Black culture (mostly its women).

I wonder if Paula feels like Robin’s affections are completely genuine or if there is a degree of fetishism in his love. Chester French- the White, Harvard duo- has started a bit of a controversy to this effect: if a White dude is preferentially into black girls are they actually projecting some racial objectification, or are Black people…

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