Dear Donna Summer,


Dear Donna Summer,

As sad as I was yesterday when I received news of your passing, I was able to console myself with the fact that you left us (the world) with so many fond and wonderful memories in the body of your work. Your music transcends culture, race and language and you have indeed been a blessing (I grew up listening to your music as a child in Vienna, Austria).

I am particularly grateful for having you as one of the examples of a successful interracial relationship. You have set a wonderful example of being a KolorBlind woman who loved regardless of color/race. Thank you.

What can i say about your music that would even begin to quantify it? From the amazing voice I grew up on, to the wonderful lyrics/beats that accompanied it…your music brings so many happy memories of growing up.

Not only was your music an inspiration to me, but every time I saw a magazine article on you, watched you on TV or watched one of your music videos, you embodied style and class. I was reading an article about you online just a few weeks ago, where you talked about being teased for your looks and how you were often not understood as a young girl/woman. I can relate and I’m sure millions of women out there can too.

You created a style so unique that has been imitated time after time but never quite like the original. You have lived out a life of being the ‘odd one’ created for a divine purpose.

I have also been able to relate to the struggle in your personal life. You showed me that even after a failed relationship, there is still hope for true love and the hopes of having a wonderful family.

Overall, you shared your struggle with addiction with your fans and also shared what helped you overcome it – God. You are an example of “tough times don’t last, but tough people do”. 

Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us. I am particularly grateful to you my KolorBlind queen. Perhaps one of the reasons why I adored you so much is the fact that you spent several years in Austria and Germany enabling you to speak German fluently. Wie schoen dass du Deutsch sprechen konnte.

I was sad to hear that Cancer took over your body, but you are in a better place now. We will miss you but you will forever be remembered. You will forever remain the Queen of the Disco Era.

Praying that you rest in perfect peace.



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